WWOW: The Smoke from Burned Skies

I voted! So did that make you feel proud? This question started me to think about  interactions of people who are not sure if they feel comfortable talking about voting with friends and family. I decided to move to my next act of caring which was to talk about my work with the cancer walks this month. The conversation was over as quick as one question asked. I decided this picture was my idea of smoked skies and the feelings I have felt as we make the choice of leadership in this country. I do feel proud to say yes.img_0609


WWOW: The Real Unpredictable Post

I am laughing at my silly Saturday as I find that I sent off a post from the real writer of “Unpredictable” and found friends . The situation is that I have not learned to handle the business of Pingbacks but I really do like the encouragement. Here we go again. If you find this post somewhere in the sea of words, send it back to me with a pingback.IMG_0348

#WWOW: Wy’s Skies and Sharing Seasons

IMG_0037wpid-wp-1430203158215.jpegThis is my morning of meditation as I woke to ask some “Why” questions.  These pictures represent how even when I stand in the same area, I feel an atmosphere shift.  I am preparing to do a radio interview today to discuss my latest book of devotionals, “Skies of My Self, Soul and Spirit: Psalms for Delight and Devotion.”  I search the skies asking for grace and mercy without understanding why, what , when, where or how I am in this season of skies.   It is a mind opening position to wrestle with what I call Wy’s Why and God’s wonders.wpid-img_20150401_183834.jpgIMG_0046

WWOW: Questions and Quietness ?

I woke up with questions to myself, soul and spirit about making a change. The answer came to me as I remembered one of my favorite songs, “All In His Hands”  I sit here in quietness of the Midnight hour with questions and answers so close together but so far apart in my mind. I know that sometimes we don’t see the skies because we are not looking in the right direction so with 39 days LTC before 70. I am in prayer with questions during this quietness. The answers are ringing loudly in my ears and I still have questions today.WysPresidingMVBC11112012

Remembering When and Why: Being Wy and Well

IMG_2121I prepare to attend the funeral (Celebration of Life) of a beautiful 39 year old lady and I am feeling lonely for her family. In my role as a minister , I have attended and participated in many funerals but this one has given me some pausing and remembering. It may be the fact that I have seen the pain of a mother and father up close and personal finding out about the death of their baby girl. This was my niece, Merceda and every year we honor her memory. This year we even dedicated a portion of my online radio program to her memory. I believe that the process of wellness for grief is laced with grace and mercy. I sit here at 01:40 knowing it would be good if I was able to sleep but instead I choose to write. I sometimes remember the “When” I am most affected by life and death situations but not the “Why.”  These time, places and spaces escape my finite self. soul, and spirit. I believe it will be necessary for me to help others who are hurting by being Wy and Well. Maybe this will help me get to my short sleep session on this cold March Saturday. Morning as I struggle with this wellness concept.

WWOW:Trust Because I Thought We Would never Come Back From This One

IMG_0050 I encourage you to TRUST God with all your heart! You are in Spirit, Grace and Encourager Woods now! Let me tell you, “I thought we would never come back from this one” when I was diagnosed with a an incurable autoimmune 12 years ago. That is why I am #WysjoyfulCompany. Today I start the marvelous last 100 days in my #AgeChange69 era. I am moving along well so this is my #Wyswaysofwellness journal piece.