Press The Pink Picture And Open A Praise

via Daily Prompt: Pink    On this twelfth day of May and seventeen days before my birthday, I find myself using the first hour of the day to shout a praise.  I was looking for some pink and remembered the paint party picture done by my GrandGirlP.  She said that I was always doing breast cancer fundraisers and thought the picture might work. I added one of my favorite scriptures  and placed it above my computer. When I see it, I gently touch it and shout a praise of thankfulness. I know that I must acknowledge my joy with a praise.wp-image-1023757657jpeg.jpeg

The Best Way To See A Reflection

img_0710via Photo Challenge: Reflecting  Why do I wake at 01:17 to start a writing challenge? I did and since this is something I do frequently, I began to do some soul searching and reflecting. I am reading a quote from the devotional I published and these words of prayer reflect my feelings as I gaze up at another full moon.  I wrote, “Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for the smiles, listeners, and touch. Thank You for the movement of the Holy Spirit as I know You are daily opening doors for me to step through for Your glory.” I see You!

The Bitter Cold Streets of Grief

via Daily Prompt: Bitter    Have you woke up in a bitter and biting  atmosphere? Do you sometimes have to put on your most positive pair of shouting shoes? I will think back to see if maybe it was something I ate or drunk to put me down in the pits mood.   I have now learned that every step I take is an avenue for the healing of bitterness. I will quickly jump on my treadmill or walk outside and look up to heaven with a hallelujah on my lips. The detours of hanging on to bitterness can hinder my progressIMG_1060

The Danger of Spiritual Double Lines

I used this picture as a prompt to write because I felt like I could since I am in the midst of birthday celebrations during this month. I learned a valuable  lesson about the danger of crossing double lines. I am a fifty year driver with a new view of the road and when I think about it, this also goes with the fact that I am celebrating  my  twenty years of ministry experience. Today I send out a  spiritual courtesy warning to watch the double lines we cross as well as the highways we travel.img_0906via Photo Challenge: Danger!

Sharing our Souls: An Energy Spike

via Daily Prompt: Spike     The goal of hope is learning to swing well from any kind of rope. I had this energy spike when I said I would write at least 3000 words by the end of this month.  I had a few topics in mind that had come through prompts and every day life events and experiences.  On the first day of the month, I learned how plans change as I prepared and because of fierce winds, we lost power.  I was stuck with an energy spike and the  hope for a chance to share my self, soul, and spirit. tmp_1719-1671455644

Apprentice And Availability

IMG_0994via Daily Prompt:. Apprentice   Most of us are willing to learn new things and travel paths that can be a benefit to others. We are the eager beavers and the slow turtles who spend time learning to do things our way.  I am starting the first day of this month being full of nostalgic aspiration to write one hundred words. One  dictionary definition is “teach. I move to applying availability to describe my vision and mission reset for my birth month teaching.  I believe that people who have been close sometimes overlook the ability and availability of a willing apprentice.

Trees And Skies in Harmony

IMG_0470via Daily Prompt: Harmony  The perfect balance of blue skies and trees seem to be the work of God at the beginning of any changes that we encounter. I am positive that this is where promises begin. The harmony of care and comfort  comes to mind as a soothing space also. Then there is the harmony of dark skies and dazzling stars which also give us contrast at play. There is  joy of harmony as we remember the melodies that bring our memories into focus. We should also say we are the harmony of wellness for our families and friends.