Daily Prompt: Relax, Review and Remove

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WWOW: Why Breakthrough?

I am starting October with several why questions. I encounter people who ask this question when I say my name is Wy. The next question is “Why?” I was reading several articles on health and why we are not discussing it in the political arena. I thought I might use my hundred words to seek a breakthrough for my self, soul and spirit. I start with my wall    which shows my educational and religious affiliations as well as a scheduling exercise calendar. They all are a part of my why and also my quest for a breakthrough and  why answers img_0613

WWOW: The Obvious Objectives

Why do I write? This question was posed to me at a book signing and it sent me into a memory moment. I thought my objectives were obvious. So I use my 100 word format to write : Grace: Obvious  Objectives.

  1. I write as a method  to help me remain positive in this year of grief.
  2. I am able to see the sunshine in the east when I look into the sky.
  3. The beautiful words copied from Sympathy Cards
  4. The pictures that I hold in my heart
  5. The obvious (apparent) growth and grace that comes when I know my words are read.
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Daily Prompt: Reach

Wysjoyful Company presents the message with our  daily celebrations of life. The outcome is the joy as we are Bringing Out The Best In People: The Friendship Factor . We reach across all lines to help others grow.wpid-wp-1440310279122.jpegvia Daily Prompt: Reach

WWOW: A Muse of Melody

http://wp.me/p70Yt2-9V  I am listening to the words with my soul and spirit so that I can write some words of welcome to the ministry of music. I am using the happiness of a group of people running through a fountain in the park.  My children traveled to Maryland and they  brought back 147 digital images of their fun times. I send my inspired gratitude to Lantern Words as I read, write what I see and hear for my #WysWaysofWellness.  The continual challenge of change is sometimes placed in a well of deep thought  and a muse of melody.