WWOW: Z = Zone of WXY

@wysjoyfulcompany Blogging from A-Z Challenge has contributed to my Zone building of better butterflies and this is where I find myself at 3am writing. This is a picture of the room  where I produce my online radio and I also write so I will now call it  my blessed #ZoneofWXY. IMG_0020


WWOW: Y = Y’all Come Back, You hear

I am starting my 30 day countdown to celebrate 70 so let me be deemed (SSS)Senior Sister of the South today as we wind down the #Blogging from A-Z Challenge.This is a sentimental journey for me as I remember the last time I saw my mother  after the Christmas holiday 2000 as she stood on the front porch waving goodbye. We had been in the house most of the 3 days I was there because of an ice storm so I  watched her wave to me as I pulled away. My mom was a southern girl born in Arkansas who smiled and sang her love, joy and peace every day and every time I hear Y’all I smile Mae and Mae Light poem copied21012012 2014MercedaJournalPagescelebrationlife

WWOW: V = Vocal Victories

VVocal Victories for me are when I am  express how I feel in a variety of places to a variety of people. I sometimes I get a vocal victories by writing. The “V” is  the letter I use on the telephone to explain to others how to spell my name. I say, “V as in Victory: so that it does not sound like “B” as in boy or “T” as in Tom. I just woke up to the sound of music and ministering in this midnight hour and so I pray aloud because I need a vocal victory as I look for words to explain my work  in #WysWaysofWellness. This is a good time to say ABCs as we are up to the the 22nd letter of the Alphabet. I am sharing this picture of the  alphabet from a book that is 105 years old as a way to show that these letters are here to stay and to say. IMG_0006

WWOW: The U of Understanding You

I am sitting here in the Middle of Psalm 119 :142-144 Your Righteousness is everlasting and your law is true. Trouble and distress have come upon me, but your commands are my delight, Your statues are forever right, give me understanding that I may live. Just Think how this passage would read if it was not for the  “U”.Wy's Woods of Favor and Fruit of the Spirit