Tapered Tall Talking in Advocacy

This is a pleasant memory of Talk Shoppe MasterMind session where I learned the importance of intense listening and sharing situations and solutions. I was reminded of this as I saw the Washington Monument on a recent trip to discuss the issues of Palliative Care #PCHETA with fellow advocates and the Legislators. We were asked what does this mean? We asked for support of PCHETA (H.R. 1676/S. 693 to help patients and their families to live better.  This bill launches a national palliative care education and awareness.

The Tapered tall talking helps me in my speaking, advocacy and consulting with http://www.Wysjoyful.com. Peggymikewy@Talkshoppe mastermind03312016IMG_1177

Challenge: Transient Work and Walk

via Photo Challenge: Transient    

The feeling of walking through Washington DC and passing through great halls of people who walk as if the other people are invisible individuals. The transient space of time when you introduce yourself to strangers and they ask you why you are in Washington is priceless. I chose to capture a rare moment in time when I noticed my fellow advocate walking alone on the Capitol grounds.  I saw the image of the large building and a small person who came to make a difference. We sometimes make   transient impressions as we work and walk together.  IMG_1161

June Memories 72 and Meddling

via Daily Prompt: Meddle

“I remember” are words we sometimes use when we want others to hear what we say. We take on many different causes because we have a memory of a problem or we think we have a solution that will benefit others. People often describe their meddling ways as getting others to do things to help the central cause. I am usually  inquisitive about ideas that can make things better.  I am a meddler who likes to create ways that might work during change. I have some wonderful memories that will challenge me when I am meddling.IMG_1144

Daily Prompt: Relieved Because I Believed

via Daily Prompt: Relieved      

I believed that I would have a great day and then my cell phone crashed and all my information was locked up in a small black piece of plastic and perhaps in the cloud. I went to ATT believing that this would be quickly corrected. Then the second crash came when I was told that it could not be repaired. I had to buy another phone and dash off to the doctor. The doctor came in with a positive attitude and a handshake. I smiled because  I was relieved and I believed that being prayerful helped.FB_IMG_1497229982660-1

Creating Calm and Courage

This is the scene that I saw in the difficult time when I was in a painful grief situation. It is what I will give the value 70 of the proposed 72 writings. I remember looking out of the window of my GirlMic’s Intensive Care room and taking this picture. I looked at it after her death and saw her form as she was walking in heaven. When I find the need to create calm and courage, I go to this image for comfort. I am reflecting after sharing her  story of life and love to the legislators and staff in Washington. IMG_0007

Centering Palliative Care Person By Person

I listened to the stories of men and women who told of their pain and purpose. This pain ranged from physical to spiritual. I was seeing grief being addressed with grace in this Washington DC Holiday Inn Capitol. I was in the middle of the “Person-Centered Care In Prime Time” Patient Congress. The National Patient Advocate Foundation was the background for this concept of hearing, speaking, and writing the voices to be valued and how they will make the movement the mantra of inspired gratitude. I speak with words of praise for the spirit that moves from hearts to handstmp_1719-img_2121-872652392

WWOW: Thank You For Getting Involved