WWOW: Sunny Skies and Scattered Clouds

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When I close my eyes, I imagine all of my most sunny skies. This is how I make it through some of the nights like tonight. Life turning experiences come so quickly and so then I just visualize the sun coming up again. I choose to take this concept of taking one day at a time to the highest level as I see the sun shining through the trees and take the time to say thank God for all the days when dark clouds are overcome by a sunny atmosphere memory. This action brings a smile! IMG_0022


Daily Prompt: Local Church and Community: Turning Pages

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What a great morning to start on my “Hello: The Conversation Game for Living and Dying Well.” presentation. Thanks to http://www.CommonPractice.Com for enhancing my Five Wishes training with this information. My plan is to introduce it to as many people as I can locally. I believe we all turn pages with every event and experience so that is why I am doing this 100 word journal entry and devotional on this subject. These last six months I have attended many funerals where mothers  have lost a child as I did. I want to help!

The “W” is for Why Not Wy!

I am feeling inspired gratitude as I close this eventful day with a prayer and praise on my lips. I have the words, “courage and strength” in my view along with my big “W” for my writing  inspiration. I  have been following the health care situation today and I  see the valuable work that my friends and mentors for advocacy of “quality while living” are doing every day. I know that we must stand up for those who do not have the resources they need. We must continue to advocate with tenacity. The “W” represents why we work for wellness.img_0552

A Call to Commit and Change

via Daily Prompt: CommitIMG_0255 The Eyes have it or the Ayes Have it. 

I received a letter from my Senator thanking me for writing and sharing my thoughts about health care and the pending ACA  Bill. I know that there is no commitment in a form letter from the office but as I read it, I hoped it would indicate commitment to those who needed some help. I know that the Bill will need at least 60 “ayes” when the vote is cast to pass this Law. Does the Government see our situation in health care or is it just “ayes”

Hello: Are You staying In the Loop?

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When I met Phyllis Tickle, I was impressed with her wisdom. She talked about her book, The Shaping of a Life and how I would do well as Parish (Congregational) nurse to stay abreast of health care and helping others. I was looking through some of my autographed books and found this one. I am following close the legislators as they work to review and repeal the Affordable Health Care Law. I heard someone say that this repeal and replace law will put many millions of American people out of the loop and in health distress. IMG_0240

When the Gate Opens: Blossom and Grow

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The figurative definition of blossom is to “open up.” I spent some time in Washington D.C and I went by the White house with my friends. One of them said she was disappointed because we could not get closer to the fence to take pictures. One of the signs that showed in my picture was the sign that read “Restricted Area, Do Not Enter.” My revelation from this is how life events are sometimes framed by how we blossom when the gates open to new opportunities and new associates then we begin to grow and thrive.IMG_1173


Tapered Tall Talking in Advocacy

This is a pleasant memory of Talk Shoppe MasterMind session where I learned the importance of intense listening and sharing situations and solutions. I was reminded of this as I saw the Washington Monument on a recent trip to discuss the issues of Palliative Care #PCHETA with fellow advocates and the Legislators. We were asked what does this mean? We asked for support of PCHETA (H.R. 1676/S. 693 to help patients and their families to live better.  This bill launches a national palliative care education and awareness.

The Tapered tall talking helps me in my speaking, advocacy and consulting with http://www.Wysjoyful.com. Peggymikewy@Talkshoppe mastermind03312016IMG_1177