Merceda Touch: Grace for The Grief Day 2015 from Fondrens in the Woods

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Better Butterflies ! Seven Sights and Sounds

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Exercise the wanting self

I couldn’t do a poem response so I will do a Wednesday
#Reblog exercise

KO Rural Mad As Hell Blog

Achy this morning

Busy on Monday
Virus on Tuesday
Throwing up and
cancelled clinic
Beloved visitors all week
Worked, nauseated Wednesday
Thursday almost better
Evening festive
But up 1 to 4 am
with someone way too sick
phone to specialists
six times
finally I tell her
if she is not transferred
I think she will die
She chooses to go
Slightly groggy clinic Friday
Hard to type

Achy on Saturday

I make myself
go to the pool
to swim laps
I know
it will help

In the water
the wanting self
is noisy
I want goggles
I am wearing a mask
It leaks
Why haven’t I gotten goggles
I deserve them
Moratorium on spending
and haven’t had time
and I want that
beginner yoga kit
and other things

The wanting self
makes me tired
and it is silly
to want so much
Stymied, the wanting self
goes on about…

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WWOW: Meeting Goals and Presenting Purpose!

Sunday was my day to preside over services at my Church and one of my friends captured this picture of me before church started. It reminded me of one of my goals for my radio show  “Presenting Purpose” My mission for living and loving 2015 is the Fruit of the Spirit WyPresidingMVBCW02222015

Blogging Vita…. just thoughts….

#ReblogWednesday and #WWOW (#WysWaysofWellness)

Journey.........Love Live Wellness.


Hi Friends!

Hope all of you are having a wonderful week and most importantly a good start to the New Year. Seems like my circle of friends and associates have been having a powerful start! As they should too, they love the Lord and give him so much praise! Tonight’s blog is nothing in my opinion that is so deep, or profound. I just kind of want to be candid and chat to my readers about myself and some lessons, I have learned along the way. Nevertheless, I always hope that my words inspire someone. Transparency is the hardest thing for me to be, on my new found walk towards my purpose. It is getting much easier every day. I enjoy sharing now.

It’s sad to me that sometimes as people we just have to be careful how much to share with people. I learn some conversations are left strictly…

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Getting Lost to Find Yourself; Why You Should Travel Solo at Least Once In Your Life

This is my song and story this week as I have been only to the mailbox and so my travel was enhanced by this blog.

Itchy Quill

The journey not the destination matters - T. S. Eliot The journey not the destination matters – T. S. Eliot

I was in Shimla, Northern India, about five years ago. Sipping a warm Chai tea at a curb-side café and enjoying a glorious sunset over the mountains, I patted myself on the back for completing such an epic journey. It had taken me three weeks to get there from the UK, slowly meandering my way and stopping to see everything that presented itself. I was alone, as I was convinced that I only needed my own company after many trips before with friends and various organizations.

As the sun fully set, and the last dregs of my chai were cooling at the bottom of the cup, I realised that I had nothing to do. All the bustle and excitement of crazy Tuk-Tuk drivers, the double-crossing travel agents, the cramped train carriages – they were all done. Now, I merely…

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