When We Worship and Wellness Wins

Today was another golden day of celebration 72 as I sat with the authors and audience for the Anthology, Tying The Knot Between Ministry And The Marketplace. Debora Taylor of “A Taylor -Made International Institute Publications” presented me as one of her Roses at the conference and I felt honored. These gifted women of ministry and marketplace blessed all of us who came to support their work. We all left carrying  bags full of encouraging words and wonderful worship tied with a golden knot. this was a blessed opportunity to worship, be in wellness and continue to use my writing voice. IMG_1151

The Beginning of Being Better


I woke up imagining what I needed to focus on to make today better than yesterday. I read some scriptures and prayed for family and friends who are hurting.  The problems of yesterday I knew I needed to push down under a praise for today. This is when I realized that I was in the place of better beginning 72 and I would be the one who benefited through Jesus Christ my Healer and Savior. I can only imagine what I can do for others today just to send a Hallelujah and a Happy day salute to the best beginning.