Opening In The Skies: My Soul’s Doorway

I know I need to get these 100 words written from my self, soul and spirit before the end of the day. I find myself in this eleventh hour with much distress after praying for several things to be different.  The steady stream of news and the many trials and tribulations had pushed me down and then I looked up and saw this opening in the sky and an airplane flying through it. It was a revelation to me from the Lord about how He had given me the power to change my outlook to a doorway view of His grace.IMG_1245

Daily Prompt: Tennessee Jangle

IMG_1172via Daily Prompt: Jangle 

Since I am still using my photographs from my Washington visit to the Legislators and working hard to intertwine my 100 word journal entries to the blog, I smiled when I saw the word, “Jangle.” This fit well to the discourse of  the land. I know this picture came from one of the Tennessee Senators. I took it while waiting to speak to the legislative staff. I see the many tools in the picture but I have not seen the legislators stopping the  jangle (dispute)  and just doing the Tennessee waltz to help all of their constituents.

Photo Challenge: #WWOW: The Bridge

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAvia Photo Challenge: Bridge   

#WWOW: Here I stand at a bridge scene where my family had their fourth of July celebration. It is a bridge that I do not expect to cross but I am enjoying their steps and decided to make it one of my one hundred word journal entries with a life application as I have a goal for 72 while I am in year 72. What can I say as I advocate for persons and  their care-giving advocates that would be a fruit bearing blog? The answer is “we do not spend enough time taking care of our selves.”

Prompt: Magnet to Memories and More

via Daily Prompt: Magnet

July 1, 2011 The day I retired and so this is a memory magnet that I used today for my mindfulness exercise.  

Matthew 11:28 “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

One thing I discovered is that retiring from my role as nurse in a corporate setting did not mean I would give up on my purpose. I have found a new joy and peace as a prayer warrior with some special people from connected churches. I am full of memories as I continue to enjoy the promised rest.  Photo007wysretirecake06292011

Daily Prompt: Local Church and Community: Turning Pages

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What a great morning to start on my “Hello: The Conversation Game for Living and Dying Well.” presentation. Thanks to http://www.CommonPractice.Com for enhancing my Five Wishes training with this information. My plan is to introduce it to as many people as I can locally. I believe we all turn pages with every event and experience so that is why I am doing this 100 word journal entry and devotional on this subject. These last six months I have attended many funerals where mothers  have lost a child as I did. I want to help!