WWOW: Newness is Nerves and Noise

What do you do when your house is full of workers putting in new floors? You write a blog of course. My husband and I decided that we would put some newness in our home with new appliances and new floors as we prepare to celebrate our 40 years of marriage.. We started today with new floors so I woke up with a prayer for peace and asking Jehovah EL Elyon to cover us as we move forward. The Workers were here just as they promised and started to work at 08:30. The first thing they said to us is “You have a lot of furniture. My husband and I looked at each other and smiled. What we have is furniture from every year in the 1900s.  I have been called a book hoarder and my husband a borderline stuff hoarder so we knew that. I just heard this loud crash but I have already decided and claimed that peace and joy will come at the end of the project and then I will have newness without nerves or noise. The picture of my old bloom and new bloom is to show how newness is my today’s WWOW ( Wy’s Ways of Wellness)IMG_0006


I is I just got this from a friend

I am still learning from all the great bloggers I have had contact with in Photo101 and Blogging 101 . So today I want to thank them for letting me be my self, soul and spiritIMG_0010I know a lot about who and why I am Wy.

WWOW: The First of the Future And The Last of The Past

I am in such a moment of meditation as I mourn the death of a friend so I am reading the Book of “Godly Happiness” as The PsalmsIMG_0046 so I will joyfully step on the Bridge of Beginning while enjoying the Sun , Moon Stars and Skies. This is the Work of my Creator and I call Him LORD.  “Psalm 100 “Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands. Serve the LORD with gladness : come before his presence with singing.

WWOW: A Decade of Devotion and Determination

I have been looking for a subtitle to use for one of my writings and I woke up with the word Determination buzzing in my brain.  I then went to my #blogs I follow and found an image of a butterfly which I have to reblog for Free Friday to keep it before me. I also remembered  the quote from a poem, “I am determined to be somebody some day.” I am convinced that today is that day to spend time writing.   This is my blessed beginning #photo101 and #Blogging101  images covered by change.

Wy's 12 Quarter miles /daily goals for 2015
Wy’s 12 Quarter miles /daily goals for 2015

WWOW! Why GramWy?

This week I was given the name of my great granddaughter even though she is still in the womb. My granddaughter gave me a “Save The Date” Card for the Baby Shower that had this beautiful name on it. After I had given this event and experience much thought, I decided that this unborn child would be the subject of a chapter in my Book, “The Skies of My Sixties” by virtue of the fact that she is my generation to come.  So If I had to find the #wpid-img_20150313_052509.jpgIMG_2082Photo101 that fits how I am feeling, it would be a page in the Bible I recently photographed up close. The title is: Psalm 1: The happiness of the Godly.

Family Blends: When 50 is a Celebration

March is the month that we celebrate and this year one of the Family Blends will celebrate her 50th birthday of March 17, 2015. All her life she has felt like she and St. Patrick are two celebrities sharing the day. This is a row of lights surrounding her green glasses and Shamrocks.IMG_2152