WWOW: Crisis, Challenge And Choice


WWOW: The Future and the Feast

When I was very young, I would imagine that I was sitting in a castle as a princess. I would imagine that our dinette set was a long table spread with a feast of my favorite foods. I remember my mother saying that a feast can be any table where you sit down to eat and find no lack of food and your stomach is filled.  I am sitting here today in this senior chair and I still believe that my future is good with every day that I can sit and be filled with the feast of no lack. Prompts: IMG_0586

Prompt: Pleasure

The Prompt: Pleasure  I had the pleasure of wishing my first great grandchild happy blessed birthday. This is going to be an easy #WWOW one hundred word post as I remember her smile and eyes bright and wide. She represents our family’s joy as we remember this last year of being without the physical presence of my daughter, Girl Mic Leslie.  We all say that she is more than a blessing that is on earth to help us through the grief zone of our journey.  I feel if do not write, there is no pleasure.IMG_0300he pleasure is all mine!

WWOW: Dear Super Sister

14 Day Writing Challenge #amwriting  Dear Super Sister, I see you doing your “imagination” tricks again. I always look to your love, joy and peace to make me feel better. You are so kind and you give up so many hours to do things the right way. When I finish talking to you, I always feel like you have heard my plea for help. I really appreciate your understanding that the things that make you feel good about yourself  are not always my priority. This challenge letter of one hundred words is to give you encouragement and congratulations on being super.

WWOW: #Writing Challenge

#Challenged to write this week: The first priority is to write an inspired gratitude  letter to my Legislators to thank them for listening to us when we were visiting in their office in Washington DC last week . We discussed the hardship of healing when there is so much medical debt.  I also told my story of the forty day of hospital ICU that my GirlMicLeslie endured. I want her to be remembered because she supported all my advocacy work  related to patients, family and friends who are the skies of my self, soul and spirit. This challenge is for her. IMG_0261

WWOW: Winning Words and Well Being

I frequently “pray remind” the Lord of His winning words. As I continue my Transition 71 and recount the many blessings, I send out a midnight shout . I am thankful to the wondrous Lord who continues to deliver me and cause me to escape.

The blessing of being saved and knowing I have the rock and fortress for my wellbeing is an awesome place to find myself. I pray for our deliverance out of the hand of the wicked and especially moving us out of the hand of the unrighteous and cruel man. This is the work of God’s Grace Connection.IMG_0258

WWOW: Prayer In The Place

This is an old picture of me standing in the church foyer and a prayer for healing that I found many years ago.  I am reviewing my goals as I move forward during the next six months of the year. I have new physical (self) vision with the completion of cataract surgery and now I am writing and praying for directions for my soul and spiritual vision. I ask for my family and friends to join in prayer as I believe this world of transition 71 must be covered by prayers if we are going to have a “Joy” connection reflection.PrayerForHealingSpeaker 1992WyLPNPinningscanned01312012