New Day, New Fruit, New Attitude!

#Photo101 I am awake and looking at some pictures I could use to describe how I am feeling as I celebrate the blessing of another day in my Age Change 69. I am in #gratitude for being alive. I will post a picture that I took of my November sky with the sun shining through the clouds and my protecting angel watching over me as I begin this new day with new fruit and a new attitude.IMG_0035


When Clergy Leaders Come together for Conversation! A Six month Update

I am reblogging this as a #Skies of My Sixties Update

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I attended the Regional Clergy Spiritual Health and Wellness Conference April 11 2014 and The question is “Do you want to be made well?” (John 5:9) as the focus was on the Servant to serve the community The photo of the Minister’s Panel and Moderator, Reverend Dr. Pamela Addison provided the take away that we will not help others until we recognize our own hurt, get help and refer when necessary. Thanks to Director of Spiritual /Pastoral Care Wanda Gardner -Slater for the resources and information that was provided at the Conference. I attended the Faith Based Initiatives from the Tennessee Department of health break out Session and again I saw the need for more collaboration between the faith Communities.
How is your Faith Focus?

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