Taking One Day at the Time I Wake Up

Yes I am awake and I know it is 01:33, but I just finished taking care of my HoneySi at 12midnight. I have not been doing well to meet my goal of seventy two blog posts of 100 words since our ER , ICU and readmit to the hospital since October 5, 2017. One of the blogs I follow caught my eye because of my anxiety about my husband’s Kidney failure and starting Dialysis about three weeks ago. I am taking time to read and write as I realize how life is unpredictable. I must learn to use my days  and enjoy every precious moment.wp-image-1177093019


The 21st Surreal Day of Faith


This is the 21st day since finding ourselves in ICU with the diagnosis of heart/ lung involvement. We sometimes use the word surreal without even knowing the definition. I found these definitions worked for me as I remember the episode which I call “walking in the shadows of death.”  It was a “weird dreamlike” situation that we have been able to step through these last 21 days. On this day of new mercies  we  have declared as in Psalm 73:2, “But as for me, my feet had almost stumbled; my steps had nearly slipped.  Our Real God Reality!



Painting Prayer and Praise with the Color Red

I visited Redemption Life Church because it is close to my home and I have known the Pastor and the Church family for many years. I was impressed with his Title and Text so it is my focus for my 100 words. I am a caregiver and I attend church based on how my husband needs care so I am blessed to have the opportunity to fellowship. The Title, “Paint The Town Red” and scripture from Joshua 6: 20-23 gave me insight on how God positions us to be in place for prayer and praise.  We must be ready “when the trumpet sounds”wp-1501132200486.

Delivery by Destination and Decision

I watched a media presentation related to how we make decisions based on reactions of others. We sometime decide on our daily destinations according to how others feel about the place, time or person we are watching. This journal entry / 100 words come as I wait to travel because I have to be the one to determine the best route.  I imagine that when I begin to watch how the Lord is turning things around, I will learn how to accept assignments related to my love, joy, peace, patience and faithfulness daily. What direction fits this devotional and my daily decisions?IMG_1350


Chosen and Frozen: The Change Carousel

I think of the airport carousel when it is sitting still until there are bags placed on it and someone pushes the button to get it started. My spiritual analogy is that it is not always time to move even when I have been chosen. The frozen state of mind that I find my self, soul and spirit in is evidence of the need to find the right change carousel and place my baggage on it. I have to remember that every trip cannot be perfect but the final destination begins when I am unfrozen and the  chosen work completed.IMG_0003

Monday Morning after Sunday Songs


I have been in my inside Monday zone as I try to get some words in the press. I spent a most blessed Sunday in Church which started in Sunday School. The Mt Vernon Choir presented a Reunion concert like no other I have seen in a long time.  I decided I would share a newspaper article from The New Tri-State Defender as I  make good use of my 100 words.  We were in an atmosphere of praise and worship as we could not see it but we could hear the rain.  The Sunday Songs filled me with  beautiful Monday memories.   IMG_1370

Symphony: The Sound of Celebration


via Symphony:

When I hear sounds of celebration through music, I imagine the tinkle of piano and the blasting of horns coming together to present a pleasant accord and cord. I am blessed when I hear music that affect my soul and spirit. It is as the Psalmist says, “for my benefit.”  I close my eyes and imagine a fifty piece ensemble playing in my ear as I drift off to sleep. The  soothing effects of  my memory brings together symphony and the sound  of celebration. It is a true grace and life experience. I hear music in the air!