Eighth Day: The Heritage of Education

via Photo Challenge: Heritage   My heritage of Education is my focus eight days before Celebration 72.  I share that the formal education that I have pursued comes from my love of reading and writing.  I still remember my first grade teacher at Magnolia School and her words about the importance of being educated. I was always drawn to teachers who shared their self, soul and spirit to help me achieve my education. I keep pictures from several of my College/ Universities graduations on my Vision Board. They range from 1972 AD, 1984 BSN and 1991 MS.  They represent my love of life long learning. .20170520_164659_Burst01

The Ninth Day to Ascend and Descend

via Daily Prompt: Descend  The best time to be reflective as I descend into the last days of being #71 with the hope of ascending the celebration of #72.  I have nine days until the end of one and the beginning of the next year.  I  will start with my ascending to this point in ministry.  I accepted my calling into the ministry of the gospel in 1997 by being blessed  and licensed by the Pastor and officials of my church. I give God all the glory  as I continue to ascend and descend. I believe that God has everything in His Handsimg_0842

Trees And Skies in Harmony

IMG_0470via Daily Prompt: Harmony  The perfect balance of blue skies and trees seem to be the work of God at the beginning of any changes that we encounter. I am positive that this is where promises begin. The harmony of care and comfort  comes to mind as a soothing space also. Then there is the harmony of dark skies and dazzling stars which also give us contrast at play. There is  joy of harmony as we remember the melodies that bring our memories into focus. We should also say we are the harmony of wellness for our families and friends.

Our Champion and Her Call

via Daily Prompt: Champion

We are called many names. Sometimes words will bring forgotten memories. I remember being called to be a champion and how I wanted to live up to the title. I am writing today about knowing someone whom I called a champion. I am doing this one hundred word salute to one of our champions. I remember my mother as a champion. She went through some hard situations but she always smiled and gave her family and friends whatever she had.  One precious memory is her beautiful singing voice. My Mother Mae was truly a called champion.

WWOW: I heard You The First Time

WysSurvivorWOWGracefortheGriefhandoutvia Daily Prompt: Heard  I heard you the first time! These words are sometimes used in love, anger, hate, pain, happiness, grief and grace. I have been writing about listening well and so I add my “hear” story. When I was younger, I heard a wise woman say to always pause after speaking to my elders so that they can process what they heard and prepare their answer. I now understand these WWOW statements so much better as I meet the elder status. I decided to post words again from my “Survivor” article from three years ago in Divine Magazine.

WWOW: Craft And Crossed Double Lines

via Daily Prompt: Craft    This  picture shows my need to practice my craft of writing one hundred words and have you understand my pain. The definition of craft is “special skill.” I was on my way to an event called “Live! Just As We Are” and saw the blue lights behind me. I have been fortunate to have only two tickets in fifty years driving so I pulled my license and prayed for grace and mercy. I decided to say nothing and use the craft of listening well without giving excuses. I received a courtesy warning and a lesson learned.img_0906

WWOW: Recognition and Remembrance

via Daily Prompt: Recognize  There is a beautiful feeling when someone you have not seen in a while calls out your name in a crowed event. A smile came across my face when a friend said, Hi Dr.Wy. Our prayer group had talked about meeting others in our day travels to give the gift of a smile and touch. The recognition, the smile and the hug in front of a room full of people was a sweet memory for the day. There is a term I have heard people say to make a point. They  will say, “you better recognize.”wpid-wp-1425867905299.jpeg