The Missionary Hand: Prayerful Connection

Saturday was one of those best and blessed days. I woke excited that I was talking and working at our  28th Annual Missionary Conference. I had asked some dynamic speakers to serve with me and offer resources and revitalization  strategies.  I  prayed thanking God for an awesome opportunity and the connection to give a hand in my church and community.  I was blessed to receive a plaque and  I wanted to share it  with this banner.  I will continue to offer my hand as I grow in grace and love by talking,  working, , studying, and giving for the best outcome.. IMG_1346

WWOW: Sunny Skies and Scattered Clouds

via Daily Prompt: Sunny

When I close my eyes, I imagine all of my most sunny skies. This is how I make it through some of the nights like tonight. Life turning experiences come so quickly and so then I just visualize the sun coming up again. I choose to take this concept of taking one day at a time to the highest level as I see the sun shining through the trees and take the time to say thank God for all the days when dark clouds are overcome by a sunny atmosphere memory. This action brings a smile! IMG_0022

The Fruit Of Wy’s Golden Age

When fruit is in fertile ground and water abounds, we find ourselves filling the earth  and atmosphere with yields of purpose and praise . The love of people pushes us to the greatness that God has promised. I am writing words pushed from my soul and spirit as I am preparing to pour my heart to those who will listen to me . I am full of passion about caregiving from life to living with quality until death. I speak as a mother who sat at the bedside of  my GirlMic as she transitioned from living to her eternal life and home.  img_0761

When We Worship and Wellness Wins

Today was another golden day of celebration 72 as I sat with the authors and audience for the Anthology, Tying The Knot Between Ministry And The Marketplace. Debora Taylor of “A Taylor -Made International Institute Publications” presented me as one of her Roses at the conference and I felt honored. These gifted women of ministry and marketplace blessed all of us who came to support their work. We all left carrying  bags full of encouraging words and wonderful worship tied with a golden knot. this was a blessed opportunity to worship, be in wellness and continue to use my writing voice. IMG_1151

Memories in May: My GirlMic and #72     I accomplished a dream and vision even after a high wind came through our city.  I have been planning this memorial celebration for my #72 for months and then many in our city lost power and I had to rearrange  the event but I was able to share the memory of Leslie with family and friends. I had a memorable weekend and I am full of joy which I would like to share in these one hundred words. My daughter , GirlMic died on September 1, 2015 after a diagnosis eighteen years before and we will always remember her in our storytelling opportunities.

Eighth Day: The Heritage of Education

via Photo Challenge: Heritage   My heritage of Education is my focus eight days before Celebration 72.  I share that the formal education that I have pursued comes from my love of reading and writing.  I still remember my first grade teacher at Magnolia School and her words about the importance of being educated. I was always drawn to teachers who shared their self, soul and spirit to help me achieve my education. I keep pictures from several of my College/ Universities graduations on my Vision Board. They range from 1972 AD, 1984 BSN and 1991 MS.  They represent my love of life long learning. .20170520_164659_Burst01

The Ninth Day to Ascend and Descend

via Daily Prompt: Descend  The best time to be reflective as I descend into the last days of being #71 with the hope of ascending the celebration of #72.  I have nine days until the end of one and the beginning of the next year.  I  will start with my ascending to this point in ministry.  I accepted my calling into the ministry of the gospel in 1997 by being blessed  and licensed by the Pastor and officials of my church. I give God all the glory  as I continue to ascend and descend. I believe that God has everything in His Handsimg_0842