WysJoyful Presents: Having a Blue Sky Day and a Two Shoe Experience


I am so busy laughing at my Wysjoyful experience because I left home with two shoes so different so I decided to share so you can smile and truly be joyful. When I committed to writing at least one blog a month this year, I started to look at some of the things that I say and do that make me smile. I enjoy writing “Smile, Listen and Touch”  stories that I can use in presentations in my speeches.. Today after I shared to some perfect strangers in a store that I had left home in mismatched shoes and watched them smile, I decided to write about it and to include  a picture in the book of some of my experiences of my sixties.  When I was riding home, I decided to take a picture of the sky and the clouds  as I want to remember my blue sky day and two shoe experience on July 11, 2014. Smile, it is good for selves, souls and spirits! IMG_0500IMG_0499