WWOW: Grace for the Grief Work

I am just sharing as I move through a quiet memory season of grief today! I have found if I can write and post, it helps to make my day brighter and clouds of joy show through. I am encouraging myself and I pray it will help someone else also.WysSurvivorWOWGracefortheGriefhandout


WWOW: Hearing my Heart!

Wy and Fruit of the Spirit Coverfrom Deener04222014Today I start a new level of living and I quote Pastor Brandon Porter  of Greater Community Temple because I visited their Thanksgiving Church Praise and Worship . He preached from scriptures Daniel 6 and Psalm 100.  My “take it away to the place.” “Little Steps will take you to great places.” #WysWaysofWellness

WWOW:Letting Leslie’s Love Live!

Thanksgiving Day 2015 04:00 and this is the way I get through my days without hearing her laugh, touch and waiting for her call.

Better Butterflies ! Seven Sights and Sounds

wpid-img_20150604_070328.jpgMicFlem05282015#Wys Waysof Wellness: This picture is the last picture my GirlMicLeslie took as we celebrated in Nashville Opryland in June 2015. I woke up with a smile because of her smile. My #InspiredGratitude  25 award goes to her and her Quiet Giver spirit for all the gifts of love we now enjoy.

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WWOW Thanking God for Thanks Givers!

IMG_0021I am awake at 04:40 trying to review a writing project and felt such a push to do a piece  for my peace of mind. We were in a meeting of our church missionaries and someone said that we just needed to be more thankful for all the blessings we have been given. I thanked the Lord for the Thanks givers who do this daily.  This is my revelation and War Room prayer for today. Today I smile and I am thankful how The LORD works to allow “Goodness and Mercy to follow us all the days of our lives. #WysWaysofWellness.

WWOW: So the Sun Stood Still

I am writing this piece at 02:30 on a morning before having a repeat mammogram. I opened my bible to find my #SurvivorWOW scripture and I find a post it note on the page with the Joshua 10:12-14 written on it. I turn to these scriptures and Joshua 10:13 reads, “So the the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, till the people had revenge upon there enemies. Is this not written in the Book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and did not hasten to go down for about a whole day.”

When I see these words, It is like the LORD God is giving me instructions and hope for the work and purpose He has assigned to my hands.  He has said that I am delivered and directed to work  His plan to share my passion and priorities. I have this whole day to make a difference in the well-being of His people.  The LORD has heard my cry and He is the only One Who can make the sun stand still.IMG_0007

WWOW: Where Is the Word Count?

IMG_0002I have reached a wall in my writing because I cannot find my word count. One of my disciplines in writing wordpress blogs is to assign a number of words to the post. Is there anyone there on the other side of the walls who can help me?