WWOW: When Butterflies Fly

I wanted to write today because I  had a Sister friend and Mentor to put her arms around me in a big bear hug to tell me that she was sorry about the death of my daughter GirlMic/Leslie. She also shared that anytime she sees a butterfly, she thinks about me.  I smiled and thanked her with the words, “I am glad you think about me at all.”BrendaButterflies&TenThings08262012  I am working on a book  and I am sometimes so sad, I start to doubt my ability to finish it and then I will see smiling faces of all of the people I have met in my seventy years and I realize that I must move forward and finish my race and purpose. This is when I believe that  in every cloud and sky,  we will have some difficult times and situations, but I know all is well when butterflies fly.


WWOW: When Medical Care Stops Nursing Care Stands

imageI thank every nurse who spent some of their self, soul and spirit in my #GirlMic/Leslie’s room. I am writing this 12 days after her death. I wanted to share one painful day after a decision was made to remove her from the ventilator when a few nurses walked into the room to care for her and did not acknowledge the patient and family because she had been transferred  and was receiving hospice care. I have chosen to share my journaling  after reading an article about Quality and End of life and the need to educate all, especially health care professionals

WWOW: Wake up Sleeping Beauty GirlMic/Leslie

Yesterday my baby GirlVal called me excited from my GirlMic’s bedside where she has been on a ventilator in ICU for 29 days. She said GirlMic was awake with her eyes open and looking around and she wanted me to speak to her by telephone. I screamed into the telephone because I wanted her to hear me say , “Wake up Sleeping Beauty GirlMic , we have got so much to talk about and so many places to see. You have a story to tell of How God has lifted you into His Healing Hands again. Psalm 19: 1 Let the words of my mouth” Let the band play and the celebration begin.

WWOW: A Display of Names, Places and Passions

Today I am finding some old memories of my passion as a speaker and consultant for Wysjoyful Company. I am throwing them away in response to my (FMV) Forward Move View. .These are name badges and reminders of the way I was and the work I was involved in as a health professional.  It is my way of keeping my sanity by journaling. I am also remembering with gratitude the goodness and mercy of this new day.

My friend Julie Ann Sullivan wrote the book “A little bit of Gratitude Goes a Long Way” and I am inspired and grateful.IMG_0049

WWOW: Z = Zone of WXY

@wysjoyfulcompany Blogging from A-Z Challenge has contributed to my Zone building of better butterflies and this is where I find myself at 3am writing. This is a picture of the room  where I produce my online radio and I also write so I will now call it  my blessed #ZoneofWXY. IMG_0020

WWOW: Y = Y’all Come Back, You hear

I am starting my 30 day countdown to celebrate 70 so let me be deemed (SSS)Senior Sister of the South today as we wind down the #Blogging from A-Z Challenge.This is a sentimental journey for me as I remember the last time I saw my mother  after the Christmas holiday 2000 as she stood on the front porch waving goodbye. We had been in the house most of the 3 days I was there because of an ice storm so I  watched her wave to me as I pulled away. My mom was a southern girl born in Arkansas who smiled and sang her love, joy and peace every day and every time I hear Y’all I smile Mae and Mae Light poem copied21012012 2014MercedaJournalPagescelebrationlife