WWOW: The Dramatic Delight of Doing Well

https://lanternwords.wordpress.com/ I read poetry which started my wellness wheels to turn. We all have things that we do that seem dramatic to others but we use them to work on our self, soul and spirit. I started to write before church but I wanted to see if there were others who would be dramatic in what they were doing. The two ministers were doing messages from Luke chapter four and Romans chapter eight and the themes were about what we learn when we read about Jesus and Paul’s work. Today I am doing dramatic wellness.

Wys butterfly and purple flower 2016

WWOW: How to Reset And Admire

I admire people who know how to reset in a situation when I need to be encouraged. My Honey Si helped me by flipping a switch after a literal and figurative thunderstorm  which interrupted my flow. I thought  discussing this word was a good way to show my inspired gratitude and write my 100 words.When we went to the garage, I was feeling defeated because I could not write. Within thirty seconds after he touched the reset button, I felt a new surge of joy that I could move forward. I am sure that we sometimes just need to hit reset.



WWOW: Wind Spin and Wakefulness

When I feel the wind, I believe there is healing. These books are a part of my “prayer lifting” living room. I have long periods of wakefulness so I will open a book and hope for sleep. I recently started to read a new book and I was encouraged to use my imagination of a cool breeze and blue skies to help with my meditation and prayer. I also used my devotional journal, Skies of My Self, Soul And Spirit: Psalms for Delight and Devotion. I am using these 100 words to spin my wellness and wind.

WWOW: An Elusive Edge of Change

http://wp.me/p70Yt2-9x I read through the reader section of my many blogfriends and I am impressed with their writing , poetry, and photographs. I usually pay close attention to the ones that encourage me to change for the better. This is where I find myself on the  elusive edge and sometimes I am  not able to commit or change. This photo is of a towel and magazine page that is on my treadmill and they both describe the struggle to follow through with my goals. I am constantly chasing after wellness, love, joy and peace. I find an elusive opportunity and  outcome. IMG_0015

The Beauty of Being Remembered

Better Butterflies: Seven Soul Situations: One year ago my GirlMic Leslie was put on life support where she stayed 40 days until  she transitioned from this earth into a new place in heaven on September 1, 2016. It is 03:00 and I am awake thinking about her. This  is a hard place  with some sadness but I choose the joy of remembering  the love and life she gave to us. I ask you to look at these pictures and if you ever heard her giggle or smile, call her name. This is for my #WysWaysofWellness that I celebrate our beautiful relationship and sweetness of her self, soul and spirit.IMG_0008

WWOW: The Night to Morning and The Mourning To Joy

#WysWaysofWellness: I woke up with this thought and I know it is a Word for me.  This is yesterday’s sky and sunset. I look forward to this morning and joy from the mourning. I am convinced of His promises.

“For He knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust.”             -Psalm 103:14IMG_0369IMG_2201

WWOW: Carefree Challenge of Change

I am working through some challenges to change and the “carefree” word is in my scope of change for this day. I am in prayer for my purpose and as I look up some ways  of being carefree, writing is a winner to help me in my ways of wellness. I work to complete one hundred words in a sitting and I believe this is a good way to meet the#Carefree challenge. I also find myself smiling as I pray and write so this meets my definition of carefree. It is my attitude of gratitude to others who are writers. IMG_0353