About Wy Woods Harris

wp-image-506612826jpeg.jpegFindingMyWayPrayerAndAdvisoryBoard2015WysWayofWellnessflyer What About  your Wellness Wheels? How do you help others and your self, soul and spirit at the same time? When is the best time to respond and cherish change? Why is this a focus for you this year?

#Blogging101/Celebration 69 and 7: I added to my about page after attending my first 2015 Basketball Game. My team was in trouble and the players were not responding to my loud screams and frantic jumping up and down. Then suddenly one of the starting players was put back into the game and I shouted loudly., “Come on and play, we need a hero.” Suddenly everybody smiled and gave me some high fives.  Why am I adding this event and experience to my About Page? Why would I think that this information would open my passion and purpose to those reading this new information? Why do I sometimes take living out loud for granted? Why will this change my focus as I  speed into my seventies? Why am I ending my day searching for these Five Whys? Because I believe it is important that we all have a Hero in this game of life.IMG_0009

14 thoughts on “About Wy Woods Harris”

  1. Hi,
    I gave you a “shout out” for being so supportive of my writing and reblogging it in my recent blog post. I was hoping you might share the post you are mentioned in with your readers. Would it be okay? Here is the link http://wp.me/p5jxvv-xo Thank you and congratulations for being on the radio.

  2. Even though, in a post I made yesterday, “I Need A Hero,” came in as an honorable mention, and even thought that is about a romantic type of hero, the last sentence of your post, here, is SO true! And heroes come in all different shapes, sizes, for so many different needs and reasons! Thank you for reminding me of this, and for a very encouraging post. You have just become a hero to me. 🙂

  3. 0/26/18 I was sharing my blog address with some ladies when I realized that I had not read some of the comments since before my daughter died September 1, 2015. I am intentionally getting my self up off the grief bed and I just wanted to give my #InspiredGratitude for each one of you. It is a necessary push for #WysWaysofWellness 10:25

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