Five Ways to Speak Up and Out

img_0826via Discover Challenge: Speak Out    I am again reviewing my “Advance Planning” documents and since this is one of my topics to speak up and out about, here goes my 100 words prompt and circumstances. I have spent a few days reading and reviewing my friend Gary Roe’s  book, Shattered: Surviving the Loss of a Child. When I worked as a research nurse, I would show people my copy of advance directives and ask them if they had completed one. My daughter and I discussed this planning a few months before her death and I am now committed to speak out.


WWOW: The Automatic Healing of Touch

My lilBro and me. I still hold his hand.

via Daily Prompt: Automatic     It is the automatic response of touch that I am relating today. My LilBro ( by 14 years )and I was doing a presentation for our uncle when I reached for his hand and he gave it to me as he did when he was three years old. When I looked at this picture I had a flash back of our parents Jimmie and Mae as we remember their lives and how they still influence our actions automatically. We are built to make choices and to overcome the challenges.

#WWOW:#Wellloved #WysWaysofWellness This is a 1000 dollars medical routine I am praying to remove as our health is restored. 

Dismissing the Distraction of Devastation

via Daily Prompt: Devastation  I asked my prayer conference callers to pray for my demons of distraction to be dismissed. They all agreed to add me to their petitions. I am reviewing a book written by my friend, Gary Roe to be released January 27, 2017. The Book, Shattered: Surviving the Loss of a Child is in tune to the feelings I have had for the last sixteen months.  When I read the definition of devastation, I vowed to make a positive 100 word post and plea. The purpose is to influence  others to dismiss distraction and remove the pain of any devastation.img_0890

Ten Times To Talk To The Ones You Love

via Daily Prompt: Ten  Remember the times you told someone you loved that they made you happy to be in their company. I started to think about being in the environment  and event with people who could make me smile. Sometime it is all I need to pull me out of a dark place so I write about it.  If you are interested in helping someone who is hurting today, I am a part of Gary Roe’s  Shattered: Surviving the Loss of a Child Launch team and I am being helped with each  chapter. Listening is ten times talking love.wp-1479431796464.jpeg

Every Experience and Event is an Exposure

img_0842via Daily Prompt: Exposure  I have been praying as an intercessor for years and I recently started to write one hundred words in my blogs with the tags, “Life, Experiences and Events.” This morning I decided that this would be good exposure of a beautiful golden frame that my husband bought and put a picture of me in my golden shoes. I bought a gold dress to wear to an event and I shared to the sales person that I will be exposing my golden girl experience. I choose to write today as I prepare to honor my uncle C.B.

The Art and Aesthetics of Big Dreams

img_0792via Daily Prompt: Aesthetic  I was looking for my grand view of aesthetics and focused on the “Dream Big” purse and the toy cash register as it caught the attention all of 30 seconds of this great fourth generation of mine. The beauty of it all was watching the mother smile as she watched her first born. In this new year, new life, I have chosen to focus on the people I love and what gives me the opportunity to learn, live and let my soul and spirit soak in the good news. I am on assignment to dream  aesthetic dreams.