Opening In The Skies: My Soul’s Doorway

I know I need to get these 100 words written from my self, soul and spirit before the end of the day. I find myself in this eleventh hour with much distress after praying for several things to be different.  The steady stream of news and the many trials and tribulations had pushed me down and then I looked up and saw this opening in the sky and an airplane flying through it. It was a revelation to me from the Lord about how He had given me the power to change my outlook to a doorway view of His grace.IMG_1245

The Collage of Care and Conversations

IMG_1213via Photo Challenge: Collage 

Life conversations in the area of care-giving is a collage of experiences and events that shape our beginning and our end. In the game of “Hello” the first direction is to listen. I am convinced that this is the direction that families are the most resistant to follow.  I read the definition of collage as pictures that are placed together to express a point or  give clarity in questions and answers. I have these items in plain view as I deal with  living and dying well. I read and write conversations to help me move forward


Dash to Pray— Prosper— Be in Health

via Daily Prompt: Dash

We need words of encouragement and the best source for me is to open my bible. I was awakened by the sounds of fireworks. I had just taken a two hour nap, so I thought I would study a Bible verse for my 100 word journal entry before going to bed.  The third Epistle of John is my July focus of joy praying. I am dashing through the time given to live well, as well as wishing to have my soul prosper. The dates before and after the dash are my opportunities to be in good health.


Prompt: Magnet to Memories and More

via Daily Prompt: Magnet

July 1, 2011 The day I retired and so this is a memory magnet that I used today for my mindfulness exercise.  

Matthew 11:28 “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

One thing I discovered is that retiring from my role as nurse in a corporate setting did not mean I would give up on my purpose. I have found a new joy and peace as a prayer warrior with some special people from connected churches. I am full of memories as I continue to enjoy the promised rest.  Photo007wysretirecake06292011

WWOW: Sunny Skies and Scattered Clouds

via Daily Prompt: Sunny

When I close my eyes, I imagine all of my most sunny skies. This is how I make it through some of the nights like tonight. Life turning experiences come so quickly and so then I just visualize the sun coming up again. I choose to take this concept of taking one day at a time to the highest level as I see the sun shining through the trees and take the time to say thank God for all the days when dark clouds are overcome by a sunny atmosphere memory. This action brings a smile! IMG_0022

Daily Prompt: Local Church and Community: Turning Pages

via Daily Prompt: Local

What a great morning to start on my “Hello: The Conversation Game for Living and Dying Well.” presentation. Thanks to http://www.CommonPractice.Com for enhancing my Five Wishes training with this information. My plan is to introduce it to as many people as I can locally. I believe we all turn pages with every event and experience so that is why I am doing this 100 word journal entry and devotional on this subject. These last six months I have attended many funerals where mothers  have lost a child as I did. I want to help!