Prompt: Magnet to Memories and More

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July 1, 2011 The day I retired and so this is a memory magnet that I used today for my mindfulness exercise.  

Matthew 11:28 “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

One thing I discovered is that retiring from my role as nurse in a corporate setting did not mean I would give up on my purpose. I have found a new joy and peace as a prayer warrior with some special people from connected churches. I am full of memories as I continue to enjoy the promised rest.  Photo007wysretirecake06292011

Prompt: Sky Passenger Presentation

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As I toured one of the museums in Washington I looked up and saw the plane and the passenger hanging over the edge. I made an analogy of the political landscape and the air of misrepresentation I see as passengers overlooking and surveying a land and a day with so many cloudy skies and dark storms brewing. I have to mention how my self, soul and spirit is affected when we see such pain and multiple acts of hatred. The presentation of peace and joy along with self-control is why my eyes are on the sky. IMG_1181

WWOW: Sunny Skies and Scattered Clouds

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When I close my eyes, I imagine all of my most sunny skies. This is how I make it through some of the nights like tonight. Life turning experiences come so quickly and so then I just visualize the sun coming up again. I choose to take this concept of taking one day at a time to the highest level as I see the sun shining through the trees and take the time to say thank God for all the days when dark clouds are overcome by a sunny atmosphere memory. This action brings a smile! IMG_0022

The “W” is for Why Not Wy!

I am feeling inspired gratitude as I close this eventful day with a prayer and praise on my lips. I have the words, “courage and strength” in my view along with my big “W” for my writing  inspiration. I  have been following the health care situation today and I  see the valuable work that my friends and mentors for advocacy of “quality while living” are doing every day. I know that we must stand up for those who do not have the resources they need. We must continue to advocate with tenacity. The “W” represents why we work for wellness.img_0552

When the Gate Opens: Blossom and Grow

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The figurative definition of blossom is to “open up.” I spent some time in Washington D.C and I went by the White house with my friends. One of them said she was disappointed because we could not get closer to the fence to take pictures. One of the signs that showed in my picture was the sign that read “Restricted Area, Do Not Enter.” My revelation from this is how life events are sometimes framed by how we blossom when the gates open to new opportunities and new associates then we begin to grow and thrive.IMG_1173


The Fruit Of Wy’s Golden Age

When fruit is in fertile ground and water abounds, we find ourselves filling the earth  and atmosphere with yields of purpose and praise . The love of people pushes us to the greatness that God has promised. I am writing words pushed from my soul and spirit as I am preparing to pour my heart to those who will listen to me . I am full of passion about caregiving from life to living with quality until death. I speak as a mother who sat at the bedside of  my GirlMic as she transitioned from living to her eternal life and home.  img_0761

In Uniformity We Share Uniquity

via Daily Prompt: Uniform I am working through my “one hundred words” with a leftover prompt in my write box. I woke up and listened to a WOG discuss this season of  discord and how each one of us on every day should be fruit on one accord. We each have to share as we reflect on the work of Jesus in healing, delivering, teaching and preaching. I have been invited to teach a Sunday School class and the lesson is on “Gideon’s Call” and the focus that our Lord God is with us as we share our unique responses.  IMG_1116