Sharing our Souls: An Energy Spike

via Daily Prompt: Spike     The goal of hope is learning to swing well from any kind of rope. I had this energy spike when I said I would write at least 3000 words by the end of this month.  I had a few topics in mind that had come through prompts and every day life events and experiences.  On the first day of the month, I learned how plans change as I prepared and because of fierce winds, we lost power.  I was stuck with an energy spike and the  hope for a chance to share my self, soul, and spirit. tmp_1719-1671455644

Apprentice And Availability

IMG_0994via Daily Prompt:. Apprentice   Most of us are willing to learn new things and travel paths that can be a benefit to others. We are the eager beavers and the slow turtles who spend time learning to do things our way.  I am starting the first day of this month being full of nostalgic aspiration to write one hundred words. One  dictionary definition is “teach. I move to applying availability to describe my vision and mission reset for my birth month teaching.  I believe that people who have been close sometimes overlook the ability and availability of a willing apprentice.

Trees And Skies in Harmony

IMG_0470via Daily Prompt: Harmony  The perfect balance of blue skies and trees seem to be the work of God at the beginning of any changes that we encounter. I am positive that this is where promises begin. The harmony of care and comfort  comes to mind as a soothing space also. Then there is the harmony of dark skies and dazzling stars which also give us contrast at play. There is  joy of harmony as we remember the melodies that bring our memories into focus. We should also say we are the harmony of wellness for our families and friends.

Our Champion and Her Call

via Daily Prompt: Champion

We are called many names. Sometimes words will bring forgotten memories. I remember being called to be a champion and how I wanted to live up to the title. I am writing today about knowing someone whom I called a champion. I am doing this one hundred word salute to one of our champions. I remember my mother as a champion. She went through some hard situations but she always smiled and gave her family and friends whatever she had.  One precious memory is her beautiful singing voice. My Mother Mae was truly a called champion.

The Purpose of Post 500

I was looking through some of the wordpress posts that I am following and discovered that I had reached the 500 mark  of posts. This seemed like the perfect time to send an #InspiredGratitude to some wonderful people who have read and shared a “Like” to some of my posts. I also completed a 5 day Devotional by Brittany Rust and I learned new information about the process of purpose. I will share a prayer from “Skies” that is found on page 71 on this 71st day of 2017. “Heavenly Father, I am giving You praise for saving and covering us with Your Love.”wp-1481052461430.jpeg

WWOW: The Pattern for Phone Pushing

via Daily Prompt: Pattern      It is a cold morning and I start my day pushing the buttons on the telephone as I look at the pattern of the numbers on the keys. This sent me into a thought zone of how we used to have to remember telephone numbers to connect and communicate. So how does the pattern of push buttons help us to remember? I am just asking and I know someone has the answer. I say this because I am in the dependent stage of favorites and contact logs. I truly enjoy the calls but not the pushing.IMG_0960

The Doubt and Division of Drama

via Daily Prompt: Doubt   I think you will understand how painful drama is when people use it to gain favor. We do hear that “favor is not fair” and I say it is used as a dramatic put down to others who may not be as fortunate in materials. I sometimes will work to remove my own doubts when I hear these words. I believe it is a trick that may have worked before. I am growing older which I like to call a seasoned sister friend, so I will point out what I think is drama designed to divide.IMG_2201