The Chime Of Rhyme for the Time

There is a chime of rhyme as I am looking back in time. I would like to make these words rhyme as I look back at the past two years.  My writing is used to help me move forward while also remembering some special precious moments. I approach these words, chime, rhyme and time by pulling out the last two letters, me.  When I think of what blesses me, I use this visual of a painting by my grandgirl Patrice which hangs above my computer with the scripture from Proverbs 3:6. This message speaks to me and it sets me free. wp-image-1023757657jpeg.jpeg


Opening In The Skies: My Soul’s Doorway

I know I need to get these 100 words written from my self, soul and spirit before the end of the day. I find myself in this eleventh hour with much distress after praying for several things to be different.  The steady stream of news and the many trials and tribulations had pushed me down and then I looked up and saw this opening in the sky and an airplane flying through it. It was a revelation to me from the Lord about how He had given me the power to change my outlook to a doorway view of His grace.IMG_1245

The Fall Up: Health Care Bill Fall Out

We are in a “Fall Up” position. I received the news that the Better Care Act has fallen out.  This is a blue Sky and puffy clouds day as I remember getting this admit to the Senate Gallery for the One hundred Fifteen Congress. I have been talking to the staff of the Senators and even had face to fact contact with  my Congressman. I sent emails, tweets, and facebook posts  along with many calls to their office. We must not let our constituent fire burn down as the Legislators work to destroy the way to quality health care opportunities. 20170719_004549_Burst01

When We Worship and Wellness Wins

Today was another golden day of celebration 72 as I sat with the authors and audience for the Anthology, Tying The Knot Between Ministry And The Marketplace. Debora Taylor of “A Taylor -Made International Institute Publications” presented me as one of her Roses at the conference and I felt honored. These gifted women of ministry and marketplace blessed all of us who came to support their work. We all left carrying  bags full of encouraging words and wonderful worship tied with a golden knot. this was a blessed opportunity to worship, be in wellness and continue to use my writing voice. IMG_1151

Daily Prompt: Imaginary Individuals

via Daily Prompt: Imaginary  I attended a workshop , “Rediscovering God’s Economy: There Is Enough, If We Share It” 20170603_233055_Burst01and I needed to complete my one hundred words for today. I woke up after a short sleep session and realized that I was on the edge of Pentecost Sunday and I wanted to write a note that would show that Memphis Theological Seminary had been a benefactor to present this information.  One of the main things I heard was, “Do not try to do everything without help.”  This jar of peanuts is an illustrative sermon about not being an imaginary individual.

Daily Prompt: Brassy Lighted Butterflies

via Daily Prompt: Brassy  The wall I chose for this writing is full of brass like materials with butterflies. I am remembering the word about how the light  brings a different reaction when we move from darkness. I am committed to making some changes as I move forward in this season . This prompt challenged me to look around and what I found was a revelation about how I blessed I am today. I participated in the Celebration of Life for one of my church sisters by reading  Psalm 27 because I know that “The Lord is my Light and my Salvation.”20170602_153937_Burst01

Third Day: The Testimony of Reprieve

via Daily Prompt: Reprieve   I share this writing on the third day before the blessed celebration 72. The best way to describe the feeling of getting to this point is to compare each event and experience as a reprieve. I believe each day I wake up is a  spiritual lifting. That is my testimony that I am still standing when there were times I fell down and gave up with pain. I believe it was a test but the reprieve gave me “temporary relief from evil and trouble.”  I made these seventy one plus years by grace from God’s supernatural reprieve.IMG_0041