This Aroma is not the Perfume for me

via Daily Prompt: Perfume    Many years ago I tried to buy and wear perfume. I did not find an aroma that helped my allergies. I have a runny nose today because of the pollen outside and perfume inside. I move away from the prompt to share the news that we all have difficulties in living with others so we learn to adjust to be able to fellowship with families and friends. I believe we learn how to adjust to many situations and if not, we walk away. I smile and I say, “This aroma is not the perfume for me.


Trees And Skies in Harmony

IMG_0470via Daily Prompt: Harmony  The perfect balance of blue skies and trees seem to be the work of God at the beginning of any changes that we encounter. I am positive that this is where promises begin. The harmony of care and comfort  comes to mind as a soothing space also. Then there is the harmony of dark skies and dazzling stars which also give us contrast at play. There is  joy of harmony as we remember the melodies that bring our memories into focus. We should also say we are the harmony of wellness for our families and friends.

A Famous Fryer: The Hot Oil Scene

via Daily Prompt: Fry This is a 05:00 post about how I sometimes find myself in a hot oil situation. I have a problem with all types of cooking because I do not get any joy relief from spending time in the culinary scene.  I am looking at the option of frying fish on a Friday but it seems to be so much trouble when I can find a place to buy it. To buy or fry causes family anxiety but it goes with the territory. I am asking directions and looking for ways to get from the hot oil scene.cropped-wy-flyer1.png

Timely Tips To Truth

img_0924via Daily Prompt: Timely      April has been a different kind of month.  Some of you know that the push for awareness about National Healthcare Decisions Day is April 16 of each year. I felt this post would certainly be timely since I have participated been in four funerals these last two weeks. I know that making advanced care plans is a hard road to travel. I decided to apply it to the words I have listed on my vision board.

Lead yourself into dreams that bring you joy. Save your family from guessing about decisions that pertain to life and death.

Unraveling the Unspeakable

via Daily Prompt: Unravel 

I received another call today of a family torn apart after the death of a loved one. I know that some will say that I use too many of my 100 word prompts to discuss life and death issues. I say that I am unraveling the unspeakable. We get ourselves, our souls and our spirits tangled up when we face death and even more when we have to speak about it.  We all can learn from each other when we find ourselves to be in a life to death situation. I unravel the unspeakable by intense listening.tmp_1719-img_2121-872652392

Finding the Joy of Why or is it Wy?

I was asked, Where are your butterflies? I said to them, “They are somewhere sharing my joy.” Since I rarely go out of my house without a butterfly on me, I began to realize how important having joy is to my self, soul and spirit. I just wanted to write  this one hundred words as a tribute to all the families who woke up this morning without joy. Why do we wake up and say that today is going to be better than ever before? I believe it is the gift of joy that we find daily with the butterflies.IMG_0994