The Fall Up: Health Care Bill Fall Out

We are in a “Fall Up” position. I received the news that the Better Care Act has fallen out.  This is a blue Sky and puffy clouds day as I remember getting this admit to the Senate Gallery for the One hundred Fifteen Congress. I have been talking to the staff of the Senators and even had face to fact contact with  my Congressman. I sent emails, tweets, and facebook posts  along with many calls to their office. We must not let our constituent fire burn down as the Legislators work to destroy the way to quality health care opportunities. 20170719_004549_Burst01

Dash to Pray— Prosper— Be in Health

via Daily Prompt: Dash

We need words of encouragement and the best source for me is to open my bible. I was awakened by the sounds of fireworks. I had just taken a two hour nap, so I thought I would study a Bible verse for my 100 word journal entry before going to bed.  The third Epistle of John is my July focus of joy praying. I am dashing through the time given to live well, as well as wishing to have my soul prosper. The dates before and after the dash are my opportunities to be in good health.


Prompt: Sky Passenger Presentation

via Daily Prompt: Passenger

As I toured one of the museums in Washington I looked up and saw the plane and the passenger hanging over the edge. I made an analogy of the political landscape and the air of misrepresentation I see as passengers overlooking and surveying a land and a day with so many cloudy skies and dark storms brewing. I have to mention how my self, soul and spirit is affected when we see such pain and multiple acts of hatred. The presentation of peace and joy along with self-control is why my eyes are on the sky. IMG_1181

June Memories 72 and Meddling

via Daily Prompt: Meddle

“I remember” are words we sometimes use when we want others to hear what we say. We take on many different causes because we have a memory of a problem or we think we have a solution that will benefit others. People often describe their meddling ways as getting others to do things to help the central cause. I am usually  inquisitive about ideas that can make things better.  I am a meddler who likes to create ways that might work during change. I have some wonderful memories that will challenge me when I am meddling.IMG_1144

The Fruit Of Wy’s Golden Age

When fruit is in fertile ground and water abounds, we find ourselves filling the earth  and atmosphere with yields of purpose and praise . The love of people pushes us to the greatness that God has promised. I am writing words pushed from my soul and spirit as I am preparing to pour my heart to those who will listen to me . I am full of passion about caregiving from life to living with quality until death. I speak as a mother who sat at the bedside of  my GirlMic as she transitioned from living to her eternal life and home.  img_0761