WWOW: In the Skies of Joyfulness

Yesterday’s blue skies were the reason for my joyfulness. I went outside and pointed my camera up and put the clouds  and everything that I felt was in the heavens into the viewfinder. It was my way of saying thank you  Lord for one more sunny day. Today is a different story. The weather watchers are broadcasting storm warnings and I hear the thunder roaring . This experience  made me decide to use a poem I wrote years ago.  We can be thankful for the memories of blue skies and so I expect to see a rainbow in the sky today.IMG_0058IMG_0057


WOWW: Wy’s Evening Star Gazing



I sometimes stand outside and pray when I am feeling lost and lonely. I was walking and in deep thought when I captured this street sign, “Evening Star” and felt like it was a an answer to my cry for joy in the time of grief. There is also a small colorful tree and I decided it would be my focus for healing as I know it will always be changing as it grows but the sign of direction will stay in place. The revelation is that God is my evening star and His light is shining. IMG_0056

WWOW: Celebrating The Worth of 70

Wy’s Ways of Wellness Radio Story Telling  This is a 100 word story about being 10 months into 70. I am using numbers instead of words to emphasize a fact that I learned from my book coach at this tender age of 70.  She explained to me when she was helping me complete my book of encouragement that numbers under 100 are spelled out. I have chosen to celebrate every  29th day of the month until I reach 100. I snapped a picture of my purple corsages,  pink Butterfly jewelry box and my GirlMicLeslie’s pearls that she wore at her wedding March 18, 1995. I am 70+10 months young.IMG_0050

DSD: The Proper Place of Purple

Today I find my self again in the place where I am unable to return to sleep. I am working through my reader and finding some pictures and posts that do not deserve to have a place in my “following” list. I choose to purge the list.. I am amazed at how people creep into our places of peace. I have chosen to find the people who post and blog and help me feel better. I have allowed persons who do not benefit my self, soul  and spirit to  enter into my place of purple. I am doing something different.IMG_0052

WWOW: Walking Into Worship and Wellness

This is the first day of my new walk  for wellness. I put on a pair of shiny shoes and looked down  at my feet as I prepared to attend our Resurrection Worship service. I had planned to attend two different churches but changed my mind as I wanted to see the youth ministry’s program, “He is a Healer”  I watched their speeches, songs, and praise ministry and the thought was how we are all walking a journey and sometimes it is important that we seek  paths that we do not understand but we still must continue walking.IMG_0041Wy's Red Snow Boots 01222016

GirlMicLeslie's Shoes 09282015
GirlMicLeslie’s Shoes 09282015


WWOW: Merceda and Girl Mic Touching Two Mothers

My Sister in Love, Bev and I are mothers. We both have girls who are no longer with us physically but we feel their souls and spirits every day. These 100 words are dedicated to the love we feel. We talked today and shared a smile about our families. We shared grand and great grand mother vibes as we  laughingly described our babies. She sent me something to read and I decided to write before reading it. It is awesome that I woke up at 03:00 thinking about these two girls, Merceda and GirlMicLeslie who set footprints in our hearts every day.WysSurvivorWOWGracefortheGriefhandoutmicflem05282015

WWOW: Fresh Fruit and Favor


I attended a beautiful “Seven Last Words” Good Friday Celebration at ATOP. The seven women opened my hurting self, soul and spirit and poured into those cracks from the grief of my daughter, GirlMicLeslie’s death 7.5  months ago. How can I use these 100 words to describe the relief from grief?  Let me start.  I was blessed by all of them and they each gave me hope , faith, grace, integrity and  a mountain moving mentality to start my day. I enjoyed how they complemented each other as they brought the Word.

How to bring my work under the Mentoring SFAMs Work in 2013
How to bring my work under the Mentoring SFAMs Work in 2013

Celebrating Merceda's Joy2011