A Famous Fryer: The Hot Oil Scene

via Daily Prompt: Fry This is a 05:00 post about how I sometimes find myself in a hot oil situation. I have a problem with all types of cooking because I do not get any joy relief from spending time in the culinary scene.  I am looking at the option of frying fish on a Friday but it seems to be so much trouble when I can find a place to buy it. To buy or fry causes family anxiety but it goes with the territory. I am asking directions and looking for ways to get from the hot oil scene.cropped-wy-flyer1.png

Finding the Joy of Why or is it Wy?

I was asked, Where are your butterflies? I said to them, “They are somewhere sharing my joy.” Since I rarely go out of my house without a butterfly on me, I began to realize how important having joy is to my self, soul and spirit. I just wanted to write  this one hundred words as a tribute to all the families who woke up this morning without joy. Why do we wake up and say that today is going to be better than ever before? I believe it is the gift of joy that we find daily with the butterflies.IMG_0994

Five Ways to Speak Up and Out

img_0826via Discover Challenge: Speak Out    I am again reviewing my “Advance Planning” documents and since this is one of my topics to speak up and out about, here goes my 100 words prompt and circumstances. I have spent a few days reading and reviewing my friend Gary Roe’s  book, Shattered: Surviving the Loss of a Child. When I worked as a research nurse, I would show people my copy of advance directives and ask them if they had completed one. My daughter and I discussed this planning a few months before her death and I am now committed to speak out.

Dismissing the Distraction of Devastation

via Daily Prompt: Devastation  I asked my prayer conference callers to pray for my demons of distraction to be dismissed. They all agreed to add me to their petitions. I am reviewing a book written by my friend, Gary Roe to be released January 27, 2017. The Book, Shattered: Surviving the Loss of a Child is in tune to the feelings I have had for the last sixteen months.  When I read the definition of devastation, I vowed to make a positive 100 word post and plea. The purpose is to influence  others to dismiss distraction and remove the pain of any devastation.img_0890

Ten Times To Talk To The Ones You Love

via Daily Prompt: Ten  Remember the times you told someone you loved that they made you happy to be in their company. I started to think about being in the environment  and event with people who could make me smile. Sometime it is all I need to pull me out of a dark place so I write about it.  If you are interested in helping someone who is hurting today, I am a part of Gary Roe’s  Shattered: Surviving the Loss of a Child Launch team and I am being helped with each  chapter. Listening is ten times talking love.wp-1479431796464.jpeg

Daily Prompt: Daring

tmp_1719-1671455644It is a daring feat to write, create and pray when your skies are in a twirl. As I read my devotional of the day , I was reminded that my “Heavenly Father leads and gudes me to sing the words and follow Him.” I thank him for the light that he gives when I decide to take a dare and share my heart. “I dare you” was a one of the phrases that  sent me into a zone of “I will show you what I can do.” I hope that I can meet the daring sharing challenge img_0616Daily Prompt: Daring

WWOW: Taking the Test and Talking to the Tester

This is the last day of September 2016. I am still having memory challenges as I look back on this date on September 2015. It was a very difficult time after the death of my #GirlMic Leslie on September 1, 2015. I have had some ups and downs in my self, soul and spirit situations but I made it. I called  in prayer to Jehovah Jireh often to help me get through the hurt on my 24 hour clock. I share that this was a very hard test and I thought that the Tester was too silent while I completed the test. But God IS_____!img_0476