The Collage of Care and Conversations

IMG_1213via Photo Challenge: Collage 

Life conversations in the area of care-giving is a collage of experiences and events that shape our beginning and our end. In the game of “Hello” the first direction is to listen. I am convinced that this is the direction that families are the most resistant to follow.  I read the definition of collage as pictures that are placed together to express a point or  give clarity in questions and answers. I have these items in plain view as I deal with  living and dying well. I read and write conversations to help me move forward


Centering Palliative Care Person By Person

I listened to the stories of men and women who told of their pain and purpose. This pain ranged from physical to spiritual. I was seeing grief being addressed with grace in this Washington DC Holiday Inn Capitol. I was in the middle of the “Person-Centered Care In Prime Time” Patient Congress. The National Patient Advocate Foundation was the background for this concept of hearing, speaking, and writing the voices to be valued and how they will make the movement the mantra of inspired gratitude. I speak with words of praise for the spirit that moves from hearts to handstmp_1719-img_2121-872652392

In Uniformity We Share Uniquity

via Daily Prompt: Uniform I am working through my “one hundred words” with a leftover prompt in my write box. I woke up and listened to a WOG discuss this season of  discord and how each one of us on every day should be fruit on one accord. We each have to share as we reflect on the work of Jesus in healing, delivering, teaching and preaching. I have been invited to teach a Sunday School class and the lesson is on “Gideon’s Call” and the focus that our Lord God is with us as we share our unique responses.  IMG_1116

Daily Prompt: Portion: When People Meet

IMG_1136via Daily Prompt: Portion  When people meet, they come with many stories inside of them. I share this picture because I  met this beautiful May lady of grace and family. We are both celebrating  our # 72.  We spent a portion of my “Celebration Memories” fundraiser and she and her family gave a donation after our meeting less than thirty minutes. I wanted to write and give a testimony of how the Lord positions people to come together and form a bond of purpose. Mrs B. Isom and family poured into the memories and passion of a stranger to make a difference.

Memories in May: My GirlMic and #72     I accomplished a dream and vision even after a high wind came through our city.  I have been planning this memorial celebration for my #72 for months and then many in our city lost power and I had to rearrange  the event but I was able to share the memory of Leslie with family and friends. I had a memorable weekend and I am full of joy which I would like to share in these one hundred words. My daughter , GirlMic died on September 1, 2015 after a diagnosis eighteen years before and we will always remember her in our storytelling opportunities.

A Famous Fryer: The Hot Oil Scene

via Daily Prompt: Fry This is a 05:00 post about how I sometimes find myself in a hot oil situation. I have a problem with all types of cooking because I do not get any joy relief from spending time in the culinary scene.  I am looking at the option of frying fish on a Friday but it seems to be so much trouble when I can find a place to buy it. To buy or fry causes family anxiety but it goes with the territory. I am asking directions and looking for ways to get from the hot oil scene.cropped-wy-flyer1.png

Finding the Joy of Why or is it Wy?

I was asked, Where are your butterflies? I said to them, “They are somewhere sharing my joy.” Since I rarely go out of my house without a butterfly on me, I began to realize how important having joy is to my self, soul and spirit. I just wanted to write  this one hundred words as a tribute to all the families who woke up this morning without joy. Why do we wake up and say that today is going to be better than ever before? I believe it is the gift of joy that we find daily with the butterflies.IMG_0994