When We Work In The Darkness: The Light Shines Through Prayers

I started this day reading Psalm 84:11 as soon as I saw daylight. The words just captivated my soul and spirit as I started to prepare for our morning prayer conference call. The words I heard are, “For the LORD God is a sun and shield ; the LORD bestows favor and honor; no good thing does He withhold from those whose walk is blameless.”

07/27/17 #SurvivorWOW: “Think about the most important decision you have made in the last two years. What did you give up to make that decision?” Question 31, Common Practice.com/hello

There are many decisions we do not make in time.



Opening In The Skies: My Soul’s Doorway

I know I need to get these 100 words written from my self, soul and spirit before the end of the day. I find myself in this eleventh hour with much distress after praying for several things to be different.  The steady stream of news and the many trials and tribulations had pushed me down and then I looked up and saw this opening in the sky and an airplane flying through it. It was a revelation to me from the Lord about how He had given me the power to change my outlook to a doorway view of His grace.IMG_1245

The Missionary Hand: Prayerful Connection

Saturday was one of those best and blessed days. I woke excited that I was talking and working at our  28th Annual Missionary Conference. I had asked some dynamic speakers to serve with me and offer resources and revitalization  strategies.  I  prayed thanking God for an awesome opportunity and the connection to give a hand in my church and community.  I was blessed to receive a plaque and  I wanted to share it  with this banner.  I will continue to offer my hand as I grow in grace and love by talking,  working, , studying, and giving for the best outcome.. IMG_1346

The Fall Up: Health Care Bill Fall Out

We are in a “Fall Up” position. I received the news that the Better Care Act has fallen out.  This is a blue Sky and puffy clouds day as I remember getting this admit to the Senate Gallery for the One hundred Fifteen Congress. I have been talking to the staff of the Senators and even had face to fact contact with  my Congressman. I sent emails, tweets, and facebook posts  along with many calls to their office. We must not let our constituent fire burn down as the Legislators work to destroy the way to quality health care opportunities. 20170719_004549_Burst01

Grace and Growing Well Gracefully

This is one of those 100 word  journal posts that was inspired by social media. I received a notice to congratulate my #GirlMic on being a business owner for seven years. I started to scroll past it but then I liked the post and sent a congratulations. Her memory is one of the most sacred things I have and I say daily that I will always call her name and smile at the memory of her face and voice. One of my five wishes is to grow in grace , favor and wellness that was evident in all the things she accomplished.img_0826