Daily Prompt: Eerie Is A Body of Water

via Daily Prompt: Eerie I smile as I write an answer I received across the table when I asked my family what the word “eerie” meant. This is the answer I heard. “eerie is a body of water” and when I checked the definition, it read, “causing fear.” The way I feel today is I like this body of water zone since I enjoy watching the Mississippi rolling in a Tina Turner way.  The walking of these miles took me past a body of water and also on a 3.1 mile trip and  also covered fear with my feelings of wellnessimg_0685


Daily Prompt: By the Bridge for WWOW

via Daily Prompt: Bridge I amIMG_0688.JPG walking by this bridge as a part of ten thousand people who are celebrating the memories of families and friends who have been touched by cancer. This 100 year old bridge was recently restored as a walking history path. It passes over the Mississippi River and my thoughts today are rolling , rolling as you might see the Delta Queen moving through. Since I am a Skies and Woods person, I was fascinated at how the scenery makes me relax and remember many pleasant experiences that involved traveling by and over many big and beautiful bridges. img_0689

WWOW: Rearrange The Rocky Road

Today when I left my house and saw this bed of rocks with concrete chips on top of it. I saw a sermon in the making as I thought of the song we sing, “Jesus is a Rock in a Weary Land.” I had got up thinking that I had a wakeful night full of situations that needed to be solved. I smiled when I looked at this arrangement and thought about the way we do not look at how we can arrange our worries by putting them beneath the Rock of Jesus for love, joy and peace.. and peace. img_0650

WWOW: The Smoke from Burned Skies

I voted! So did that make you feel proud? This question started me to think about  interactions of people who are not sure if they feel comfortable talking about voting with friends and family. I decided to move to my next act of caring which was to talk about my work with the cancer walks this month. The conversation was over as quick as one question asked. I decided this picture was my idea of smoked skies and the feelings I have felt as we make the choice of leadership in this country. I do feel proud to say yes.img_0609

Daily Prompt: Tiny Thoughts Today

via Daily Prompt: Tiny    The T is for today. I discovered our mailbox in this position  and I thought about how we are sometimes in this situation. I then went to church and this beautiful sign was on display. Since this is a tiny 100 word post, I depend on you readers to get the picture of how I interpret the word “Tiny” today. I believe that each tiny interaction of sharing gives us the opportunity to bring hope to those who are hurting. The tiny smile and tiny touch is our today’s triumphs and thoughts of hope growing bigger everyday.img_0669


Daily Prompt: Underground for WWOW

What happens underground will soon push through to be found. I was attending our intercessory prayer meeting on Saturday and this perfect picture came through. One of the members was taking care of the flowers. I have been walking by these flowers for years and to see her in the ministry of caring for the grounds, I got a new revelation. God starts our growth in ministry underground. We must all be receptive that even when we can not see the beauty, it is in place. I thank God for these words to give me WWOW!BK and the ministry of earth tending10222016via Daily Prompt: Underground