Daily Prompt: Hopeful

If I used the word hopeful before, it was not even close to how I felt when my “Brown Baby” first saw her new brown rocking horse. It sent me back to my seven year old self when I received a rocking horse for christmas. This is my letter to my great grand girl  about her future based on my past seventy one years. I hope you ride your beige and brown pony into a blessed life with all the smiling adults supporting you as they did today. I hope you still have the joy and the dance you had when your musical bears, dolls, and all those many sounds of music as we heard today. I hope you know how much we enjoy you in this 15 months you have been with us . I am hopeful because I have been blessed to look into the sunset  and know that the sun will rise and set because the bible tells us so. I hope you know that we love you today, tomorrow and forever.Baby Brown and her Brown Horse December 25, 2016via Daily Prompt: Hopeful


Daily Prompt: Renewal Psalm and Prayer

IMG_0341via Daily Prompt: Renewal We must have a renewal route planned as we move forward. Please consider the prayer which can be found in Psalm 90 (A prayer of Moses) as we gently go into the new year 2017.

Seeing Sunshine in Serving

I spent a few hours of service. in the hospital  and received a revelation of how illness and healing prayer  crosses the barriers of distrust into the neutral position of sharing and caring. I woke to the memories of some of the people I met as we moved through the halls of the hospital offering prayer and communion. I can only repeat the words. ” Bless the Lord O my soul, Bless His holy name.”