WWOW: Wy’s Wednesday without Words



WWOW: When Midnight Starts at 12:01 and you are praying, reading and sending a note of Remembrance to the Healer, Healer, Healer. #WysWaysofWellness

Better Butterflies ! Seven Sights and Sounds


The ICU Wilderness at Midnight as we continue looking toward the Light. Thank God for caring and compassionate nurses and all who are a part of my #GirlMic’s journey of Wellness. WWOW : To be continued

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WWOW: Wake up Sleeping Beauty GirlMic/Leslie

Yesterday my baby GirlVal called me excited from my GirlMic’s bedside where she has been on a ventilator in ICU for 29 days. She said GirlMic was awake with her eyes open and looking around and she wanted me to speak to her by telephone. I screamed into the telephone because I wanted her to hear me say , “Wake up Sleeping Beauty GirlMic , we have got so much to talk about and so many places to see. You have a story to tell of How God has lifted you into His Healing Hands again. Psalm 19: 1 Let the words of my mouth” Let the band play and the celebration begin.

WWOW: The Days and Ways of GirlMic/ Leslie with her Healer, Healer, Healer.

We changed! God has delivered, saved and gave us back our GirlMic/ Leslie. When my daughter entered the hospital July 21, 2015, we hoped that she would do an overnight observation as she had done previously in April. This was not the case. On July 22, 2015 around 12 noon she went into Flash pulmonary edema and was intubated and placed on a ventilator. I am not going to detail you into boredom but I saw a miracle of 15 days come before my eyes. I was at her bedside every day as the family struggled to have some one with her day and night. I enlisted prayer from every one I contacted and from every person who visited her. I would ask them if they would pray with us as they left. We anointed her head and hands with oil and I  spoke Psalms and hymns with the aid of my android tablet. This is the story that the LORD God has given me to share as I complete my journal writings. The change I will include in the “Skies of my Sixties to the Skies of My Seventy.” This picture is from her window in Methodist Hospital Germantown on her 17th day. I look at the clouds and  I see the image of the Healer, Healer, Healer, Savior, Savior , Savior. I pray for you and ask that you pray for me as we watch our LORD God come from heaven and change things. Great is Thy Faithfulness Lord unto us. We are truly changed!IMG_0004 IMG_0009 IMG_0007