Trees And Skies in Harmony

IMG_0470via Daily Prompt: Harmony  The perfect balance of blue skies and trees seem to be the work of God at the beginning of any changes that we encounter. I am positive that this is where promises begin. The harmony of care and comfort  comes to mind as a soothing space also. Then there is the harmony of dark skies and dazzling stars which also give us contrast at play. There is  joy of harmony as we remember the melodies that bring our memories into focus. We should also say we are the harmony of wellness for our families and friends.


WWOW: Fresh Fruit and Favor


I attended a beautiful “Seven Last Words” Good Friday Celebration at ATOP. The seven women opened my hurting self, soul and spirit and poured into those cracks from the grief of my daughter, GirlMicLeslie’s death 7.5  months ago. How can I use these 100 words to describe the relief from grief?  Let me start.  I was blessed by all of them and they each gave me hope , faith, grace, integrity and  a mountain moving mentality to start my day. I enjoyed how they complemented each other as they brought the Word.

How to bring my work under the Mentoring SFAMs Work in 2013
How to bring my work under the Mentoring SFAMs Work in 2013

Celebrating Merceda's Joy2011

WWOW: Questions and Quietness ?

I woke up with questions to myself, soul and spirit about making a change. The answer came to me as I remembered one of my favorite songs, “All In His Hands”  I sit here in quietness of the Midnight hour with questions and answers so close together but so far apart in my mind. I know that sometimes we don’t see the skies because we are not looking in the right direction so with 39 days LTC before 70. I am in prayer with questions during this quietness. The answers are ringing loudly in my ears and I still have questions today.WysPresidingMVBC11112012

Family Blends: When 50 is a Celebration

March is the month that we celebrate and this year one of the Family Blends will celebrate her 50th birthday of March 17, 2015. All her life she has felt like she and St. Patrick are two celebrities sharing the day. This is a row of lights surrounding her green glasses and Shamrocks.IMG_2152

WWOW:Why Don’t You Tell me That You Love Me?

When I left this event I was determined to share this Agenda and some of the Answers shared. I think the “take away” message is we cause hurt when we follow religion and not relationships with God and all others.


WWOW: Will you be my Twitter Twister?

In my Networking Group @TalkShoppeMemphis , I am sometimes ask to tweet out sentences made by our speakers. It is exciting to find words to send out as comments and it is what my family calls my computer game fascination flaw so here is my tweet for #W4W! Let the #Twitter games beginMovementthroughGrieft2MinistryAndMission2013and2014