WWOW: Newness is Nerves and Noise

What do you do when your house is full of workers putting in new floors? You write a blog of course. My husband and I decided that we would put some newness in our home with new appliances and new floors as we prepare to celebrate our 40 years of marriage.. We started today with new floors so I woke up with a prayer for peace and asking Jehovah EL Elyon to cover us as we move forward. The Workers were here just as they promised and started to work at 08:30. The first thing they said to us is “You have a lot of furniture. My husband and I looked at each other and smiled. What we have is furniture from every year in the 1900s.  I have been called a book hoarder and my husband a borderline stuff hoarder so we knew that. I just heard this loud crash but I have already decided and claimed that peace and joy will come at the end of the project and then I will have newness without nerves or noise. The picture of my old bloom and new bloom is to show how newness is my today’s WWOW ( Wy’s Ways of Wellness)IMG_0006


WWOW: A Display of Names, Places and Passions

Today I am finding some old memories of my passion as a speaker and consultant for Wysjoyful Company. I am throwing them away in response to my (FMV) Forward Move View. .These are name badges and reminders of the way I was and the work I was involved in as a health professional.  It is my way of keeping my sanity by journaling. I am also remembering with gratitude the goodness and mercy of this new day.

My friend Julie Ann Sullivan wrote the book “A little bit of Gratitude Goes a Long Way” and I am inspired and grateful.IMG_0049

A HarsH Goodbye…

Thanks to this blogger Harsh Reality / Jason and my word for his work is that I did not like everything he said but I learned so much more than before I opened the blog and started to follow it.


For when I go

Satan loves to bring confusion and chaos into the world, he loves to go against Gods original design and he loves to take human souls down with him. The victory is already won by Jesus, but he is trying to rally one last and finally time taking down as many people as possible. You came into this world as a baby they way God intended you to be. Any other confusion brought on past birth is not of God. Our God is not a God of confusion therefore any confusion you face is not of him and you must remember it is not about you it is about God and satan wants his revenge and since we belong to God, satan attacks us because of that simply fact, he is here to steal/kill/& destroy. To destroy your God given image, your families, your relationships, your understanding. To kill your soul…

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WWOW: A Step Into Another Generation 2 And 3 And 4

I wanted to write this #WysWaysofWellness Day 5 into my 70th year as I prepare to travel to a Survivorville Conference in Tennessee. I am part of several organizations as an advocate for cancer care and education. I had these pictures of my family from Head to Feet so I decided to focus on “Steps to Wellness for the Senior Survivors” all over the World.. I would love to know your wellness work to survivorship Tips as I prepare for this trip. Please share your link and learning with me in reply. I will also share them on my BlogtalkRadio.com  www.Wyswoods.wordpress.comIMG_0009 IMG_0010 IMG_0012