WWOW: Today I Love!

We are in Day 30 of December and Day 364 of 2015 . I know we have started looking into the future of the coming year, but
I have just chosen to write the first word of my mission and my vision.  Someone is listening and wants to hear the words, “Today I love!”IMG_0069


WWOW: Saying Fare Well ON A Wednesday!

I am hoping to do my final proof today of my book
“Skies of My Self, Soul, and Spirit: Psalms for Delight and Devotion.” I am just looking back at the events and experiences of 2015 as we only have 3 days left to count. I still praise the Lord for letting me be a survivor and completing the book.

Better Butterflies ! Seven Sights and Sounds

I am stepping back from spending many hours on WordPress. I heard my husband say. “Do you realize how much time you are spending not writing on your book?  I received a relevant revelation as I am sitting here when I should be preparing to say fare well to my friend and to participate in her homegoing celebration aka Funeral Services. I will add media of my house of memoirs and my Survivor Wy picture and close up. I want to thank each person who gave me wonderful vibes and great reading material.  It feels good to be here with you.IMG_0060wpid-wp-1425867905299.jpeg

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WWOW:Drawing Closer to Christ

I participated in the fun and fellowship of a vision and virtue board session as a way of  seeking to draw closer to Christ. In the center of my board I placed a picture of my latest book of Psalms and journaling notes. I added to a birthday board that my GirlMic, Leslie had created and put together in 2005 when I celebrated my sixtieth birthday. I used her pictures and  added the words to show that the foundation of dream, love, spirit, goodness, lead, joy, follow, inspire, serve, restoration, save and wellness is my focus to draw closer to Christ.IMG_0069

WWOW: Angels Watching Over Me

IMG_0007I wake up and find that it is still night. The most refreshing thought that comes to mind is an old gospel song my mother used to sing. I have forgotten the exact tune so I just speak and write the words.

“Now I lay me down to sleep, Angels watching over me, my Lord. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. Angels watching over me.

All night, all day Angels watching over me, my Lord. All night, all day  Angels watching over me.

This picture was taken as I looked out the window of a hospital in August 2015.

WWOW: Shining Lights, Shoes and Smiles

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This is me in the middle of the night doing meditation and scripture  while I count my blessings. I have just completed my book and I feel like the Lord has given me this day to give Him glory and praise. The significance of the purple shoes is that they were a  Christmas gift from my GirlMic/Leslie several years ago. I  wrote the words “Smile, Listen, and Touch” in a Divine Magazine article on survivors in 2013.  I am writing and offering hope and encouragement as I walk this path of grief because I believe in the LORD.

Wy’s Ways of Wellness: The Purple Purpose

I woke up this morning with memories swirling in my spirit and the realization that I have lost my purpose of completion. I thought about how I needed to get though this day in a positive way. I came up with the solution to help my attitude to move toward gratitude after hearing the words, “let us be happy even if we do not enjoy the things that will  happen to us today.” I believe I am responsible to find new ways to present my purple purpose if I want to be covered in joy. #WysWaysofWellness.