Thanksgiving: The Wy’s Eyes World!

This is Friday after Thanksgiving 2016. I woke up and did some bible reading and prayers. I smiled because of the blessing of a beautiful dinner with family. This was my HoneySi’s goal. I usually come behind screaming and kicking because I am not a talented cook. I try to limit my eating and I was not successful so now I am jumping on the treadmill to feel better about my cake, pie, dressing and chicken overload. I started my day in church with a wonderful message about the prayer of thanksgiving and this is Wy’s Eyes World.

A picture in the Mirror for #WWOW
A picture in the Mirror for #WWOW

The O is for Overcoming Ostentation

The “Super Moon” kept me taking photographs as I looked into the skies on many occasions the past few days. I could not get enough of everyone’s showing of this moon. I read articles, blogs and  listened to news stories. I believe with so much negativity in some of the writings, I began to look at this moon as a meditation moment. When one of my friends wrote about the man in the moon and pointed out the features, I knew it was time for me to take a break. I took this picture as a way to overcome ostentation.img_0709

 Thanks and Giving

I am using this time to  talk about giving. We owe each other our listening strength and  attention. We sometimes hear the pain of grief and loss but it is erased from our thoughts because it is easy out for our self, soul and spirit.  There are some experiences and events where we can only talk, write and give thanks for blessings we receive and share. 

WWOW:The Tart Heart Part

I said I did not think I could stick to my positive writing when I saw this prompt. I looked at several of the definitions and the one I decided to follow is “having a sharp taste.” I am happy to report that I am smiling as I think of the Fruit of the Spirit. The sharp and distinct taste of love , joy and peace is truly a tart heart part we must use to be the one body of Christ as seen in 1 Corinthians 12:12. We all have one heart and we chose the way we use it for healing.

Wy and Fruit of the Spirit Coverfrom Deener04222014
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