Finishing 71 Day: Golden Girl Infusion

via Daily Prompt: Infuse  Today is the final day for my year of Seventy-one.  There was storm last night that brought very high winds , power outages and trees down but I saw the rain and sunshine infused  into one golden opportunity to celebrate my life up to this time. I had an affirmation and confirmation that if I am writing now that “delay  can not determine my destination.” I am prayerlifting those who has not had their power restored. I pray that some people will still be able to attend the Memories in May Celebration 72 and Cancer research fund campaign.IMG_0994

Third Day: The Testimony of Reprieve

via Daily Prompt: Reprieve   I share this writing on the third day before the blessed celebration 72. The best way to describe the feeling of getting to this point is to compare each event and experience as a reprieve. I believe each day I wake up is a  spiritual lifting. That is my testimony that I am still standing when there were times I fell down and gave up with pain. I believe it was a test but the reprieve gave me “temporary relief from evil and trouble.”  I made these seventy one plus years by grace from God’s supernatural reprieve.IMG_0041

Fourth Day: Survivor Seventy One

via Daily Prompt: Survive  What a golden opportunity to bring out my survival seventy one skills. Yesterday was the day that I realized that I needed help with my self, soul, and spirit. I found myself feeling sorry because my life was not following my plan of action. I was helping my HoneySi do some activities of daily living and I was devastated because I noticed that physically, mentally and spiritually , I was not up to survivor speed. I am now four days from Celebration 72 and I have to put on my survivor shoes and get to stepping.IMG_0108Wy's Red Snow Boots 01222016

GirlMicLeslie's Shoes 09282015
GirlMicLeslie’s Shoes 09282015

Fifth Day: Faith & Favorable Impressions

via Daily Prompt: Impression  I am in a “fifth and faith” zonefaithjoyloveforwy2017 and I find myself being impressed by beautiful family and friends who have  given me May blessings  with impressive cards and gifts. These helped me share how I am feeling as I count these last five days of being #71.  I am also impressed at how the scriptures about faith are  cornerstones of encouragement. I pray  that being an encouraging person especially when I write helps someone today. This  picture  of faith, joy, love, beautiful brown lady and butterflies is my  best way for wellness and to encourage others.

Sixth Day: Selfie Sharing Encouragement

Why does God place us in position to show us His purpose?Why Does Wy Worship? I was given this worded shirt when I worshipped at a church in my community. I am a caregiver and sometimes I have to stay close to home, but I am encouraged when I fellowship and worship with others. This is a mirrored selfie and a covering for my treadmill with the words “Go Mode” for encouraging my self, soul, and spirit when I am walking. #WWOW 02:02