Eighth Day: The Heritage of Education

via Photo Challenge: Heritage   My heritage of Education is my focus eight days before Celebration 72.  I share that the formal education that I have pursued comes from my love of reading and writing.  I still remember my first grade teacher at Magnolia School and her words about the importance of being educated. I was always drawn to teachers who shared their self, soul and spirit to help me achieve my education. I keep pictures from several of my College/ Universities graduations on my Vision Board. They range from 1972 AD, 1984 BSN and 1991 MS.  They represent my love of life long learning. .20170520_164659_Burst01

The Ninth Day to Ascend and Descend

via Daily Prompt: Descend  The best time to be reflective as I descend into the last days of being #71 with the hope of ascending the celebration of #72.  I have nine days until the end of one and the beginning of the next year.  I  will start with my ascending to this point in ministry.  I accepted my calling into the ministry of the gospel in 1997 by being blessed  and licensed by the Pastor and officials of my church. I give God all the glory  as I continue to ascend and descend. I believe that God has everything in His Handsimg_0842

Press The Pink Picture And Open A Praise

via Daily Prompt: Pink    On this twelfth day of May and seventeen days before my birthday, I find myself using the first hour of the day to shout a praise.  I was looking for some pink and remembered the paint party picture done by my GrandGirlP.  She said that I was always doing breast cancer fundraisers and thought the picture might work. I added one of my favorite scriptures  and placed it above my computer. When I see it, I gently touch it and shout a praise of thankfulness. I know that I must acknowledge my joy with a praise.wp-image-1023757657jpeg.jpeg

The Danger of Spiritual Double Lines

I used this picture as a prompt to write because I felt like I could since I am in the midst of birthday celebrations during this month. I learned a valuable  lesson about the danger of crossing double lines. I am a fifty year driver with a new view of the road and when I think about it, this also goes with the fact that I am celebrating  my  twenty years of ministry experience. Today I send out a  spiritual courtesy warning to watch the double lines we cross as well as the highways we travel.img_0906via Photo Challenge: Danger!

Sharing our Souls: An Energy Spike

via Daily Prompt: Spike     The goal of hope is learning to swing well from any kind of rope. I had this energy spike when I said I would write at least 3000 words by the end of this month.  I had a few topics in mind that had come through prompts and every day life events and experiences.  On the first day of the month, I learned how plans change as I prepared and because of fierce winds, we lost power.  I was stuck with an energy spike and the  hope for a chance to share my self, soul, and spirit. tmp_1719-1671455644

Apprentice And Availability

IMG_0994via Daily Prompt:. Apprentice   Most of us are willing to learn new things and travel paths that can be a benefit to others. We are the eager beavers and the slow turtles who spend time learning to do things our way.  I am starting the first day of this month being full of nostalgic aspiration to write one hundred words. One  dictionary definition is “teach. I move to applying availability to describe my vision and mission reset for my birth month teaching.  I believe that people who have been close sometimes overlook the ability and availability of a willing apprentice.

A Famous Fryer: The Hot Oil Scene

via Daily Prompt: Fry This is a 05:00 post about how I sometimes find myself in a hot oil situation. I have a problem with all types of cooking because I do not get any joy relief from spending time in the culinary scene.  I am looking at the option of frying fish on a Friday but it seems to be so much trouble when I can find a place to buy it. To buy or fry causes family anxiety but it goes with the territory. I am asking directions and looking for ways to get from the hot oil scene.cropped-wy-flyer1.png