WWOW: I Will Surthrive!

I woke up at 03:00, looked out the window and found four inches and I really need you to understand that I will not be complaining and crying on your shoulders of heavy snows persons who look down on our barely iced streets.

Well I have already looked at every neighborhood in my city with all these facebook twitterings so you get no snow pictures from me today. Instead since it is a throw back Thursday and I have failed with the reblog Wednesday crowd. I will just rehash a poem that was published in Senior Magazine in 2005. I am going to tag it with everyone of the tags so if you get this message on a butterfly , write back and tell me how to do reblog Wednesday effectively. http://www.wyswoods.wordspress.com. Yet if I do not hear from anyone, I will “Surthrive” In the voice of my own self !

WysButterfliesonIcepoem2005 with simplicitycardThe Poem is “Butterflies on Ice”

I see your wings through the ice

I dream of the time when you are free

The spirit of freedom has a price But God will shine a light to see

Yes I know that butterflies will emerge

And we will watch them move through the air

so that it will soon just be a memory to share

of the winter season when butterflies were on ice.IMG_1618

WWOW: Making Blissful Contact and Communication

Today I met with an book consultant to help me get my journal writings published. When I began to tell her what I wanted to get published, I could feel the direction of the Holy Spirit telling me to get on with it and stop using Psalm 46:10 as my excuse shield. Dell has written 7 books and she is ready to help me with my dream and vision to get this done before I reach 70. This is 90 days away so I will be depending on “Amazing Grace and my Friends and Mentors to continue to give me an arena of bliss. This is the book I compiled 5 years ago so my niece Merceda is my inspiration and you all will be that force for this book. “Skies of My Sixties: WysJoyful Company” is a tentative title.

Tell me what you think.Celebrating Merceda's Joy2011

WWOW: BeWOW and The Ways of Wy and Wellness

FOTE047MarcwyatlobbydaywithSenHarris030315h 3, 2015 was my #BeWoW day as I stood in the Senate Library in Tennessee State Capitol Senate Room. Yes, we took the picture after everyone had left but it still was a great feeling to stand there. I was in town to talk to my Legislators about cancer Care and Cure. (note I do not cap cancer) It really is what gives me the feeling of Being a Wow Volunteer.