WWOW: When Sunday Comes: Transition 71

I completed my transition to 71 on this Sunday Morning May 29, 2016. I have been reviewing my social media blessings from my family blends and friends and I am feeling very joyful. I remember having a Sunday birthday and party when I was sixty. Last year, I told my  GirlMic Leslie that I would wait on my party for my  71st birthday which would come on a Sunday. She is not with us physically but I feel her presence as I celebrate our lives and loves with our family. This is “Sunday and Transition 71” from the Lord Jesus Christ.



Wyvonia Harris

Who I am… My name is Wyvonia Woods Harris. I am an associate minister and also a registered nurse. I have a Master’s degree in community health and also a Master’s in Divinity from Memphis Theologi…

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DSD: The Days of Seventy, Self, Soul, and Spirit

It is my final day of being seventy. I wanted to say thank you to the Lord Jesus Christ for giving me this time and place of His Healing power. This is one hundred words of inspired gratitude for my blessings. blue skies and storms clouds. I wrote this poem many years ago but it is reflective of what I am feeling in this midnight hour. When I look to the Lord with the love, joy and peace of His marvelous Way, I see His “Amazing Grace.” He has brought me through and to seventy to do something different today.IMG_0058

DSD: Lifting Up Lives and Loves

I am fascinated by the one hour prayer clock that one of my SFAMs, Minister Deener gave me. Today I woke up with the desire to lift up lives and loves that mean so much to me. I know it will be difficult to keep this post to 100 words but here it is. I have two days more in my year 70 and I am remembering that my GirlMic Leslie was not feeling well last year so she brought my gifts and I said  that I would have a 71st party next year.  I have decided to spend today  prayer lifting. IMG_0181

DSD: When I Am In A Storm

I had the frightening experience of driving in a blinding rain storm yesterday. I was frightened because I could not see my way. I recently had eye surgery so I was thankful that I could see. I began to thank the Lord for this new vision before I asked him to see me through the storm. I kept saying one of my favorite scriptures from Psalm 103:2. The point is to not forget his benefits even when the dark clouds and thunderstorms are present. In writing these 100 words “Doing Something Different” blogs, I believe that I have learned to encouraged myself IMG_0021

DSD: Break Every Chain and Choose Your Game

Queen is one of my May fellowship sisters and I discovered that she had written this book with the title, “I Remember…My Journey to Happiness” I had the opportunity to photograph the cover and this is the focus for my “Doing Something Different” choice. I wanted to write about how memories can be used to break chains. Tasha Cobbs starts her song with the words, “There is power in the name of Jesus.” I am in an early morning reflection and many memories are flooding my self, soul and spirit. I choose to remember my Family blends and Friends.IMG_0180

DSD: I am on the Clock at 7 more in 70

How do I count the time? I decided this would be a reflective 100 words of time, times and blessed count down. I am spending the last seven days of the 70 years and I am blessed by the Lord. I spent an hour in prayer with some friends yesterday and we saw and  heard the Lord come into our atmosphere and give directions for our prayer focus. We prayed and read scriptures as God shined on us and we saw our purpose and plans come to life. It was such a beautiful shining day for us and I am “Doing Something Different “IMG_0181