Finding the Joy of Why or is it Wy?

I was asked, Where are your butterflies? I said to them, “They are somewhere sharing my joy.” Since I rarely go out of my house without a butterfly on me, I began to realize how important having joy is to my self, soul and spirit. I just wanted to write  this one hundred words as a tribute to all the families who woke up this morning without joy. Why do we wake up and say that today is going to be better than ever before? I believe it is the gift of joy that we find daily with the butterflies.IMG_0994


WWOW: Where Is ReblogWednesday?

I am known for asking “Why Wy” Questions. In my best “Why Wy” voice I ask,  “Am I missing a step in order to participate in ReblogWednesday?” WydoingwelcomattealforTwo

WWOW: Will you be my Twitter Twister?

In my Networking Group @TalkShoppeMemphis , I am sometimes ask to tweet out sentences made by our speakers. It is exciting to find words to send out as comments and it is what my family calls my computer game fascination flaw so here is my tweet for #W4W! Let the #Twitter games beginMovementthroughGrieft2MinistryAndMission2013and2014

WWOW: I Will Surthrive!

I woke up at 03:00, looked out the window and found four inches and I really need you to understand that I will not be complaining and crying on your shoulders of heavy snows persons who look down on our barely iced streets.

Well I have already looked at every neighborhood in my city with all these facebook twitterings so you get no snow pictures from me today. Instead since it is a throw back Thursday and I have failed with the reblog Wednesday crowd. I will just rehash a poem that was published in Senior Magazine in 2005. I am going to tag it with everyone of the tags so if you get this message on a butterfly , write back and tell me how to do reblog Wednesday effectively. Yet if I do not hear from anyone, I will “Surthrive” In the voice of my own self !

WysButterfliesonIcepoem2005 with simplicitycardThe Poem is “Butterflies on Ice”

I see your wings through the ice

I dream of the time when you are free

The spirit of freedom has a price But God will shine a light to see

Yes I know that butterflies will emerge

And we will watch them move through the air

so that it will soon just be a memory to share

of the winter season when butterflies were on ice.IMG_1618

WWOW: BeWOW and The Ways of Wy and Wellness

FOTE047MarcwyatlobbydaywithSenHarris030315h 3, 2015 was my #BeWoW day as I stood in the Senate Library in Tennessee State Capitol Senate Room. Yes, we took the picture after everyone had left but it still was a great feeling to stand there. I was in town to talk to my Legislators about cancer Care and Cure. (note I do not cap cancer) It really is what gives me the feeling of Being a Wow Volunteer.