WWOW: Today’s Prayer Landscape

IMG_0341The Mt Vernon Prayers and Praise Summit September 3, 2016  9AM is my focus as I write about this  time in my life. I am learning to pray the Word  and to surrender my self, soul and spirit when the burdens seem so hard to bear. Psalm 71 is my balm when sleep seems far away. I am  able to take the words and use them as my spiritual covering . I am sure that I would have been in a low place if  I had not said to the Lord, “I put my trust in Your righteousness. This is my “Way of Wellness”IMG_0258


WWOW: The Obvious Objectives

Why do I write? This question was posed to me at a book signing and it sent me into a memory moment. I thought my objectives were obvious. So I use my 100 word format to write : Grace: Obvious  Objectives.

  1. I write as a method  to help me remain positive in this year of grief.
  2. I am able to see the sunshine in the east when I look into the sky.
  3. The beautiful words copied from Sympathy Cards
  4. The pictures that I hold in my heart
  5. The obvious (apparent) growth and grace that comes when I know my words are read.
  6. IMG_0024_00

WWOW: I learned to Lean on Learning

I like to share with people that as a minister and nurse for 48 years, I look forward to learning something every day. When learning comes from a fellowship experience, it is even more joyful. I have retired from my work as a clinical research  nurse and found that writing is a wonderful way to learn. I write for my #WWOW  experience aka Wy’s Ways of Wellness.  This picture was taken at a book signing for my devotional “Skies of My Self, Soul and Spirit: Psalms for Delight and Devotion.” I understand  that wellness is to learn to lean on learning.IMG_0442

WWOW: Fifty Steps into the Light

Fifty I am determined to write a short post about experiences that made my last fifty hours unforgettable. I participated in a “I Am My Sister’s Keeper” Prayer Breakfast and heard some awesome testimonies from women who stepped out of some  difficult situations into positions of shining lights to purpose.IMG_0438IMG_0439

WWOW: The Keeper of Our Sisters

I chose this picture of my friend speaking about how God brings us through all the trials and tribulations of  life. I am in amazement when I see the way the Lord picks us up, wipes away the tears and provides balm for our many different kind of wounds. In this picture there are sisters of all ages, colors and all  gifts and Fruit of the Spirit as is described by the sign on the Church walls. In this span of three hours , situations were described and we heard the words, “He is a Constant Keeper and Praise the Lord.”IMG_0418IMG_0431