Walking With Faith Five and Grace Ten!

IMG_0108I am convinced that Dreams and Visions are the lights that God puts in my path for my benefit..  This is the season of the year that I focus on walking and listening for directions. I am spending time reflecting on some life and death scenes and situations. I decided to see if I could walk in a pair of my GirlMicLeslie’s three inch high heel shoes. Since the skies were dark and cloudy, I took a picture of the the newspaper headlines and my feet. The revelation of a “Red Ball Rolling” at my feet was an encouraging sight.


WWOW: Reading and Real Vision at Seventy.

I am preparing for eye repair (Cataract removal) surgery and one of the instructions which has me concerned is that I would have to keep from bending down for two weeks. I decided that I needed to make some changes to my habits and my Honey Si provided me with a “reacher.” I started to look at how I could comply. These pictures are my first attempt to pick up my newspaper, my rooster of direction and my grace connection notes on my treadmill. This is my life changing reading and real vision discovery at age seventy.

DSD: Introduction…….11

This is who I am.  I started the day looking at the cards and gifts from mother’s day. I felt the need to speak the words, “I still have joy and this joy I have, the world can’t take it away.”  One of the cards had the words inside, “for being the special woman you are.” These words were enough to give me encouragement and a smile. The title of this 100 words comes from page 11 in my Skies book. The picture has books on Letters and Living Memories and this helped me to journal how I was feeling about myself.IMG_0155

WWOW: The Age of The Amazing Doug!

My son, Doug is celebrating another birthday today. He now moves to the number 54. We were discussing his birthday and I explained that he was born at 07:11 and he said that is a good number. When I think about it, all birthdays and all numbers are good. I am blessed to be the mother of this amazing son. He is a dedicated father, brother, uncle, cousin, nephew, friend and of course son. He tells our family that he loves us and he is always showing us the importance of being a pray-er. I smile as I write this birthday tribute.IMG_0013

WWOW: Mothers and Daughters Who Put A Praise In Place

Who am I and Why I am writing today? I am prayer lifting myself into a place of praise. I do this with a “Grace connection.”  The pictures have some important and beautiful ladies  all with smiles and they are the best picker upper I know and use when I find this place of grief pain trying to break through. I am listening to the song, “Put A Praise On It” and working through this cloudy day feeling. I am a daughter, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. I have seen life and death and also the  praise place of grace.

WWOW: Fruit of the Spirit: Prayers and Faith

The weekend was a blessing and  full of prayers. I had the opportunity to share the Sunday School lesson on forgiving and giving. I enjoyed these ladies praying and fellowshipping. It is truly a group where we “put a praise on it.”

I am working on sharing about the ministry of making a difference in the lives of those who have been diagnosed with chronic illness and the need to apply the fruit of the spirit as we provide care for them and their families.  The SS lesson is titled “Increased Faith” What a blessing to pray and stay together.IMG_0073December162013newday4wy 003

Moving Through Grief to Mission And Ministry

Moving Through Grief to Mission And Ministry

WWOW: IMG_0040

Mission Review and Renew for Transformation 2016 will be the Fruit of The Spirit as found in Galatians 5. I gave found this to be the best GPS (God’s Purpose Sign Post for WysJoyful Company and Wy’s Ways of Wellness.

This writing comes after reading several articles on the work of The Artist formerly known as Prince. The world seems to spend much time writing about life after death invades and the light is shining to find the good and evil events and experiences. We must continue the search of our own self, soul and spirit while living out our mission.