WWOW: Faith and Spiritual Energy

I write to give my self, soul and spirit a new opportunity to give the fruit of the Spirit to others as a way or “Spiritual energy.”

My friend Rhena gave me some Shaklee Energy chews for my self, I read some scriptures for my soul and I did some journaling for my spiritual energy. I am “good to go” as I celebrate 70  years and eight months on this Day 29 of January.”Thank You for the Light You are shining to keep me from spiritual blindness.”  Wy WysSurvivorWOWGracefortheGriefhandout


WWOW: When We Live and Learn

Today I stepped out into my drive  with my red boots (tradition to wear them on the first snow of the year) and my husband’s walking cane to get my newspaper. We were blessed to get less than one inch of the predicted three to six inches of snow and ice. I enjoyed a view of snow dusting that was melted within four hours.

I have learned that weather people usually exaggerate so that we will cherish the fact that they are always looking out for our welfare. So it is true that we live and learn.


WWOW: Contents and Still More

Some days the sun will shine even when there is a prediction of storm clouds. I recently started a Senior Bible class  to study the Psalms. I finished and published this devotional in December  and my book coach said I had plenty of material from my journals to write more. I mention this because of the opportunity to share my book with the bible study group as closing words. These seniors are my friends and mentors so this was a blue sky and puffy cloud day I wanted to remember. I opened with Psalm 103:1-2 for the memory of my GirlMic/Leslie.20151224_064340

On Writing: Character- vs. Plot-Driven

Need this for #WysWaysofWellness as I begin again.



A couple of weeks ago I posted a request for my readers to ask me questions about anything concerning writing. If I haven’t gotten to your question, rest assured, I will.

Agyei Agyapong of Vestpalblog asked: “What has been your greatest challenge as a writer? How did you overcome it ?”

There are many challenges I face as a writer. One, dealing with a  full schedule and just life in general. I address that issue here.

But that’s an issue that’s divorced from the writing process itself. As far as struggling with something directly with writing… I would say character development.

There are two kinds of serious fiction writers. There are plot-driven writers and those who tend to be more character-driven.

I was shocked when I heard recently that some people are prompted to start a book because of a character they made up that sounds interesting.


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WWOW: House Call and Mission Accomplished

IMG_0022Today I started to prepare for some legislative agendas and assignment for 2016. I realize my responsibility to tie it into my 2016 mission work. I have traveled to our state and national capitols on several occasions to represent the cancer communities and now I am at a new place as I serve on the Tennessee Cancer Coalition and the #Sisterpact initiatives to educate women and men on the importance of getting mammograms and doing follow up and further treatment.

My goals is to complete 100 words on situations I need to share. I ask what does love, joy, peace mean to you?