Why My Joy Comes Every Morning!

I am often asked why Wy, when I tell them what I am usually called. I explain that it is a state of being that is a combination of The States (Wy)oming and Califor(nia). I usually get a smile and a comment about my name but more than that I get conversation about the origin of the name. I was pleasantly surprised to find the name Wyvonia has been around since the eighteenth century, so I say, “yes I like my name but I like to make it easy on the person who does not pronounce it the way I do.” Well I hear you asking, “so where is this bit of information leading us?” It probably will not be anything you share but I am stuck in a memory pain zone on this day as I have found myself, soul and spirit for fourteen years.

The last time I saw my MomMae alive was when I left her home on December 27, 2000 and I looked back to see her waving to me as I returned home. She had said to me earlier , “When you cross the bridge call me” because I was driving home alone after an ice storm.  So today I am having to put on my joy gloves and type this sad feeling into a letter of joy. I guess I am smiling now and remembering the light of her smile and that is why my joy comes every morning. #WysjoyfulMae and Mae Light poem copied21012012

Who Are You and Why Are You?

2014-06-05 10-39-46-175.jpg.edited_00This writing for my journal comes at one of those periods between midnight and 03:00. It follows a night of intense but enjoyable dreams and visioning. I celebrated this Season of the Christ today at church and I am always pumped up after being with believers and fellowships of many years. I love the act of the Altar where we come together and pray for each other. Today as I touched some of the church family , I ask if everything was all right and one friend said she was standing as an intercessor for a mutual friend whose mother will be having brain surgery this week. I read this statement from my devotional , “Speak To Your Life” by Lady Shunte’ Garrett. It helped me to answer the question ‘Who are you and Why are you.  The statement is: “Today in my prayer time I will not ask God for anything but I will worship Him for being Lord over my life and the creator of the universe.”

I am Wysjoyful and my Why comes in my intercessory prayer anointing to do The Lord’s Work and Purpose. MovementthroughGrieft2MinistryAndMission2013and2014

This Is A Midnight Cry: The Invitation of Joy

I woke up to a song playing on the television that I have heard over the years and the words, “The Midnight Cry ” The singer kept repeating the phrase that “the dead in Christ will rise.” I smiled and checked the time and saw that it was 12:30 am so I said to my self , this song is for you  to proclaim the Good news that you proclaim daily. I read a scripture from Thessalonians 1:6 ” You become imitators of us and of the Lord: in spite of severe suffering, you welcomed the message with the joy given by the Holy Spirit.”  I have chosen this as my #SurvivorWOW which are Words of Wellness that I include in my daily prayers and meditation.  I present this to all the places where people come together for the good of those who love the Lord, and are called according to God’s purpose. I chose a picture of a butterfly in a tree from 2012 to complete my Midnight Cry writing on this #CherishChange Day 19 of 180 day celebration in 2014.IMG_1976