Fragile: Caring and Serving

tmp_1719-img_2121-872652392I am glad you called! This was my response when a lady called to ask me some questions regarding the care of a family member. She shared the many situations of the illness and the frustration with making fragile (delicate) decisions as a caregiver. This is one of the struggles of serving. When we finished talking , I realized the importance of listening in order to be involved on the art of caring and serving. My role as a minister and Faith Community nurse as well as a caregiver  helps me through the journey. This is the delicate balance of caring


WWOW: Fifty Steps into the Light

Fifty I am determined to write a short post about experiences that made my last fifty hours unforgettable. I participated in a “I Am My Sister’s Keeper” Prayer Breakfast and heard some awesome testimonies from women who stepped out of some  difficult situations into positions of shining lights to purpose.IMG_0438IMG_0439

WWOW: The Keeper of Our Sisters

I chose this picture of my friend speaking about how God brings us through all the trials and tribulations of  life. I am in amazement when I see the way the Lord picks us up, wipes away the tears and provides balm for our many different kind of wounds. In this picture there are sisters of all ages, colors and all  gifts and Fruit of the Spirit as is described by the sign on the Church walls. In this span of three hours , situations were described and we heard the words, “He is a Constant Keeper and Praise the Lord.”IMG_0418IMG_0431

WWOW: She Speaks With Wisdom

I am reading these words as a prayer from Proverbs 31. The words are my wake-up for wellness as I sit here on this new day. I looked into the eyes of a mother who had recently found herself in a valley after the death of her son. It was a really a mirror to me because I felt her soul and spirit. We smiled as I spoke words that I hoped comforted her and me. Wisdom sometimes hides behind the hurt of missing someone who has left this earthly life. Lord let me give your faithful instructions.

WWOW: P is Praying And Participating

I discovered that when I wake up at 01:30 am CST and have the urge to pray, read and write, I am missing a great opportunity to participate in Blogging A to Z Challenge. I still don’t think I have the Ping Back routine so if you can tell me how to properly pull it off, please do so. I am pursuing a picture  as a close to my goal of seven or more Ps in one post. #Peace, WyIMG_2082

WWOW:Why Don’t You Tell me That You Love Me?

When I left this event I was determined to share this Agenda and some of the Answers shared. I think the “take away” message is we cause hurt when we follow religion and not relationships with God and all others.