Press The Pink Picture And Open A Praise

via Daily Prompt: Pink    On this twelfth day of May and seventeen days before my birthday, I find myself using the first hour of the day to shout a praise.  I was looking for some pink and remembered the paint party picture done by my GrandGirlP.  She said that I was always doing breast cancer fundraisers and thought the picture might work. I added one of my favorite scriptures  and placed it above my computer. When I see it, I gently touch it and shout a praise of thankfulness. I know that I must acknowledge my joy with a praise.wp-image-1023757657jpeg.jpeg

Ruminated and Muted Moments of Prayer

The definition I have chosen is, “ruminate is Figurative. to think or ponder; meditate; reflect.” Today I experienced a muted moment of prayer as I listened to a group of prayer warriors give praise reports and prayer requests. I have chosen to make this observation in response to the prompt: ruminate. I am working  to write a “one hundred words” post  via this Daily Prompt: Ruminate  so I share a page from the group’s prayer journal. When we started we offered the option to mute and listen if people chose to join in. I admit this is rare for me.IMG_0914

The Beauty of Being Remembered

Better Butterflies: Seven Soul Situations: One year ago my GirlMic Leslie was put on life support where she stayed 40 days until  she transitioned from this earth into a new place in heaven on September 1, 2016. It is 03:00 and I am awake thinking about her. This  is a hard place  with some sadness but I choose the joy of remembering  the love and life she gave to us. I ask you to look at these pictures and if you ever heard her giggle or smile, call her name. This is for my #WysWaysofWellness that I celebrate our beautiful relationship and sweetness of her self, soul and spirit.IMG_0008

WWOW: The Night to Morning and The Mourning To Joy

#WysWaysofWellness: I woke up with this thought and I know it is a Word for me.  This is yesterday’s sky and sunset. I look forward to this morning and joy from the mourning. I am convinced of His promises.

“For He knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust.”             -Psalm 103:14IMG_0369IMG_2201

WWOW: The Real Unpredictable Post

I am laughing at my silly Saturday as I find that I sent off a post from the real writer of “Unpredictable” and found friends . The situation is that I have not learned to handle the business of Pingbacks but I really do like the encouragement. Here we go again. If you find this post somewhere in the sea of words, send it back to me with a pingback.IMG_0348

Prompt: A #WWOW Burn

Today I received a picture of my daughter, GirlMic Leslie that I had never seen before from the MHS 30th reunion. It was a blessed burn to my self,soul and spirit as it produced sweet memories. I compared it to a quick gulp of a slush where you feel your head hurting but you still smile because of the feeling of satisfaction. I have said before that each day of my remaining life, I would ask someone to speak of her smile and smooth,calm authentic moves. What a joy to see both of them in one beautiful picture

WWOW: #Writing Challenge

#Challenged to write this week: The first priority is to write an inspired gratitude  letter to my Legislators to thank them for listening to us when we were visiting in their office in Washington DC last week . We discussed the hardship of healing when there is so much medical debt.  I also told my story of the forty day of hospital ICU that my GirlMicLeslie endured. I want her to be remembered because she supported all my advocacy work  related to patients, family and friends who are the skies of my self, soul and spirit. This challenge is for her. IMG_0261