WWOW: Called and Changed for the Challenge

I opened my newly purchased book about some great pastors and preachers  and was surprised to see that I was included on the pages of this history making book. Mr. Melvin Jones brought to life the essence of the blessed men and women who step out on faith and lead millions of members in the churches daily.

I am proud that my Pastor Reverend Dr. James L. Netters is included and we are the better because of his leadership, friendship and fellowship. I smiled when I saw that the words “Called” were placed above our heads.


WWOW: K is for Kindness- Knowledge

I know that this is two words usually but I believe that knowledge of kindness is sometime the chain breaker in some of our difficult situations. This is my theme of pursuing participation by displaying kindness-knowledge to all the people.wpid-img_20150107_220853.jpg