WWOW: Crisis, Challenge And Choice


WWOW: A Confusing Challenge

I am again disturbed by numbers found on the  blood sugar monitor so the word “confuse” is a great fit for my today’s experience and subsequent 100 word challenge. I decided to seek clarification from my old Webster’s New World Thesaurus. The words I found were confound , upset, befuddle and perplex. The great thing is that I have another 50 words to clear up my thoughts. I am standing on my treadmill looking into my bookcase that is filled with my nursing career memories but I know that things were quite different  in the golden olden days so  today I am confused.IMG_0254

WWOW:Great Revelation And Reach

IMG_0019_00This is a writing in my seven situations series. Today we are preparing to reach out to the Diabetes Educator classes to help us along the way of survival words of wisdom. I decided I would do a pre test on what  I did not learn about the technology of giving insulin. I have been a registered nurse for 48 years but it is an old school process that is now in need of updates and rewiring for our revelation and reach.  So what I want you to see in the picture is Hope, Faith, Thanks and Butterflies. Wy Woods Harris

WWOW: The First Year of Obsession


I pulled the World Book Encyclopedia Dictionary off my shelf and reviewed “Obsessed.” This is one of my Daily Post Prompts that I am using to describe this new place of concern for my Honey Si’s health. All the manuals encourage journaling  so now I am obsessed to write details until I am comfortable in this new arena. It seems that this year has a lot of “not so happy trails” we have to follow since the death of my GirlMic Leslie. I am obsessed to keep my joy so I dedicate my obsession to write to her sweet memory.

Maybe I Can Surface Long Enough To Imagine.

I sit here imagining what my situation of wellness should look and feel like. Will today’s activity be the healing balm we need to surface above this pool of confusion? There is a song that I listen to, “I can only Imagine” and as I listened to the words, I tried to see how maybe I could make a difference in our  wellness. This is a combination of prompt posts related to my Honey Si’s health. We should get on a better track of nutritious foods and more exercises. I can only imagine the benefits of  healthy habits. Maybe tomorrow!IMG_2421


WWOW: Spiritual Seeking To Conquer Craving

I use this application because I enjoy any kind of honey and I am constantly reading ingredients to make sure the label reads pure honey. I know that I do eat more than the recommended daily dose to meet my craving.  So I think you will ask me , “What is the spiritual  lesson you are trying to explore?” I am very happy you asked.

I am thinking about my spiritual journey that changed as I found my self in a low place recently. I used honey as a way to conquer the physical and writing for conquering the spiritual craving. IMG_0029

WWOW: A Muse of Melody

http://wp.me/p70Yt2-9V  I am listening to the words with my soul and spirit so that I can write some words of welcome to the ministry of music. I am using the happiness of a group of people running through a fountain in the park.  My children traveled to Maryland and they  brought back 147 digital images of their fun times. I send my inspired gratitude to Lantern Words as I read, write what I see and hear for my #WysWaysofWellness.  The continual challenge of change is sometimes placed in a well of deep thought  and a muse of melody.