Fragile: Caring and Serving

tmp_1719-img_2121-872652392I am glad you called! This was my response when a lady called to ask me some questions regarding the care of a family member. She shared the many situations of the illness and the frustration with making fragile (delicate) decisions as a caregiver. This is one of the struggles of serving. When we finished talking , I realized the importance of listening in order to be involved on the art of caring and serving. My role as a minister and Faith Community nurse as well as a caregiver  helps me through the journey. This is the delicate balance of caring


WWOW: When Waiting and Writing


Sunshine and clouds  through the window while waiting for wellness.IMG_0009

WWOW: Fifty Steps into the Light

Fifty I am determined to write a short post about experiences that made my last fifty hours unforgettable. I participated in a “I Am My Sister’s Keeper” Prayer Breakfast and heard some awesome testimonies from women who stepped out of some  difficult situations into positions of shining lights to purpose.IMG_0438IMG_0439

WWOW: A Confusing Challenge

I am again disturbed by numbers found on the  blood sugar monitor so the word “confuse” is a great fit for my today’s experience and subsequent 100 word challenge. I decided to seek clarification from my old Webster’s New World Thesaurus. The words I found were confound , upset, befuddle and perplex. The great thing is that I have another 50 words to clear up my thoughts. I am standing on my treadmill looking into my bookcase that is filled with my nursing career memories but I know that things were quite different  in the golden olden days so  today I am confused.IMG_0254

WWOW: Watching the World of Wellness Is An Unreal Joke.

My Honey Si and I are starting a new day/way with the introduction of Insulin into our home. I have chosen to use the daily prompt word to write our journey for the next seven days. We are both in sticker shock with the cost of new monitor, strips, lancets and the fancy Pen of Long lasting insulin. I have already reached out to some of my blogging buddies for advice and encouragement.  I hope you will tolerate me for these next 700 words which will allow me to share what I learn and put together a diabetes education wellness journal.IMG_0397

WWOW: Grace Needs No Apology!

I am full of memories and sometimes I am asked if I am paying attention. I will apologize and say I am just day or night dreaming. This has been a soul and spirit searching eleven months and I lack some of my attention for details. I still hope to get better. I am always looking to have a grace connection with my writing and I do get joy from following through on a word presented through a prompt. If you do not follow my journey, I understand. I will  keep dreaming because grace is real and  needs no apology.IMG_0079