WWOW: A Purpose And A Praise



DSD: Memphis State Memories

I am a graduate of University of Memphis when it was Memphis State. I graduated in 1972, 1984 and 1991. This is my “doing something different” series for my transition 71 writings. I am using the UM cover for the the Spring 2016 issue, one of my butterfly gift ceramics and an envelope from my daughter, GirlMic Leslie. I am motivated to speak and write her name as one of my memories since her death on September 1, 2016.  I hope to get these 100 words in a journal but time is moving quickly. I spend my early mornings with my thoughts and prayers for times gone before.IMG_0160

WWOW: When Great GrandGirl Sleeps!

20160401_225521WWOW! What a Work out I had last night. I was blessed with a few hours of #GGGKEB.

My Honey Si took this picture after 10 pm when she decided she had done her work of keeping us on our toes. She clapped, laughed , ate, drank and moved at lightening speed. I dedicate these 100 words to her today.

My SFAM, minister D called to ask me if I wanted to go to church but I declined  so I had the pleasure of GGGKEB’s company. What I find is that when she laughs , we laugh but when she cries , we work out!

WWOW: Let’s Change to Living in Divine Health

I woke after have a dream about a girl climbing up a firemen’s pole and me being chased by a black bear up a flight of stairs. My husband said that he tried to wake me because I was screaming. The first thing I did was try to remember what I had eaten for dinner that would give me such a frightening dream. I had chili and chicken so this will not be my diet for a while. Today while treadmill walking, I read these words. It is time for me to change and commit to living in divine health.IMG_0015

WWOW: No Lack, Yes Love

Here I am again in between  midnight and morning. I will be attending a Women’s financial program at Memphis Theological Seminary  and I thought that if I told myself that I needed to sleep, it would come and supply my need. I remember all the times that it was important to stay up late and study while I was attending MTS. I  remember the events that made me smile during the the nine years I worked toward my degree. I thought of my “Yes Love” interactions and the many women who helped me to get in this place of “No Lack.”IMG_0586IMG_0069

WWOW: Fruit Focus and Follow-up

I attended my first Tennessee Senate Commerce and Labor event as the Cancer Treatment Fairness Bill was discussed. This is an important topic for me because it is one of my fruit priorities as an advocate for patient care and quality of life. Today I lit the candle for my GirlMicleslie and celebrated the fact that I was able to speak her name during the trip to and from Nashville and to tell the story of her love of life and her valiant journey with a chronic illness for eighteen years.  I believe in living well all of our lives.IMG_0065