WWOW: The Dramatic Delight of Doing Well

https://lanternwords.wordpress.com/ I read poetry which started my wellness wheels to turn. We all have things that we do that seem dramatic to others but we use them to work on our self, soul and spirit. I started to write before church but I wanted to see if there were others who would be dramatic in what they were doing. The two ministers were doing messages from Luke chapter four and Romans chapter eight and the themes were about what we learn when we read about Jesus and Paul’s work. Today I am doing dramatic wellness.

Wys butterfly and purple flower 2016

WWOW: Carefree Challenge of Change

I am working through some challenges to change and the “carefree” word is in my scope of change for this day. I am in prayer for my purpose and as I look up some ways  of being carefree, writing is a winner to help me in my ways of wellness. I work to complete one hundred words in a sitting and I believe this is a good way to meet the#Carefree challenge. I also find myself smiling as I pray and write so this meets my definition of carefree. It is my attitude of gratitude to others who are writers. IMG_0353

WWOW: A Wonderful Day in Wy’s Woods

I am thanking “The Source” Sally Baker for my much needed purse reorganization. I am always joyful when I am able to use my Talk Shoppe networking experience as an education and empowering event. I was able to provide the inside of my purse in exchange for the ultimate organization of the articles inside. I wanted to record the session to share with others and so I thought it would be a good writing for my 100 words. I heard some interesting statements such as ” organization is a time management skill.” I am now sharing a wonderful day in my woods.IMG_0279

WWOW: Sisters Stepping Up and Picking Up the Mic

I am inspired with gratitude for friends and mentors who send or give me encouragement to make changes. Listening. reading and writing from those who are born encouraging souls and spirit is sometimes what gets me through dark clouds. I enjoy sharing my aspirations with others and I realize that I am responsible for my challenges and changes. These 100 words came after hearing a word about sisters who come together for a purpose. I am working in the revelation that we must pursue our heritage as well as remember our history. We owe it to our sisters.

WWOW: The Prayer Position and Place

Why do I celebrate the National Day of Prayer every May? I am full of joy that you would take the time to seek my answer. Let me count the whys. I am old enough to know the importance of having conversation where I valued every second and moment. I remember the time when there was prayer for family and friends. I remember the times when a lady asked me if I had been praying when the plane started to ascend  from the runway. I remember the time when we stood around the bedside and sang “Amazing Grace” and prayed.IMG_0140

WOWW: Wy’s Evening Star Gazing



I sometimes stand outside and pray when I am feeling lost and lonely. I was walking and in deep thought when I captured this street sign, “Evening Star” and felt like it was a an answer to my cry for joy in the time of grief. There is also a small colorful tree and I decided it would be my focus for healing as I know it will always be changing as it grows but the sign of direction will stay in place. The revelation is that God is my evening star and His light is shining. IMG_0056