WWOW: Taking the Test and Talking to the Tester

This is the last day of September 2016. I am still having memory challenges as I look back on this date on September 2015. It was a very difficult time after the death of my #GirlMic Leslie on September 1, 2015. I have had some ups and downs in my self, soul and spirit situations but I made it. I called  in prayer to Jehovah Jireh often to help me get through the hurt on my 24 hour clock. I share that this was a very hard test and I thought that the Tester was too silent while I completed the test. But God IS_____!img_0476


WWOW: Moving Wellbeing Right Along

I am thinking about some of the statements I heard today about work and serving. I had this picture of my Mom Mae, my black W and me with my Inspired Gratitude jar with the  words “courage and Strength.” I am starting my Monday with thanks to the Lord as I can remember the words from my daughter to not forget His benefits because He is a forgiving and healing Savior. I believe that my well being  is centered in my serving as well as believing that even  when I am tired  or cannot get to sleep, it is well. img_0552

WWOW: The Promptness of A Planned Jump

I started my jump into Autumn with a new “Listening and Learning” strategy to get my butterflies in formation. I am writing about the importance of being prompt for my #Day4OVC and the need to start off before time so that I can be on time. This season started with a desire to get an early walk in as I continue to build up my self, soul and spirit to participate in the cancer awareness walks in October. I did some media links to ask for help in reaching my financial goal of $700.10. This is my jump target and talk. IMG_0379

WWOW: A Hike in the Woods

img_0551Looking up into the fine line of tree tops and skies remind me of life hikes that go into deep places. Today I find myself looking for answers to questions related to soul and spirit as I start my walk in my own “neighbor-wood” I am walking with heaviness after the death of several friends, so I guess I am just on a hike looking for my WWOW so I will feel better.

My 100 word challenge to myself is difficult to complete and I am just wanting to take a break but I must continue if I want to succeed.


Fragile: Caring and Serving

tmp_1719-img_2121-872652392I am glad you called! This was my response when a lady called to ask me some questions regarding the care of a family member. She shared the many situations of the illness and the frustration with making fragile (delicate) decisions as a caregiver. This is one of the struggles of serving. When we finished talking , I realized the importance of listening in order to be involved on the art of caring and serving. My role as a minister and Faith Community nurse as well as a caregiver  helps me through the journey. This is the delicate balance of caring