Taking One Day at the Time I Wake Up

Yes I am awake and I know it is 01:33, but I just finished taking care of my HoneySi at 12midnight. I have not been doing well to meet my goal of seventy two blog posts of 100 words since our ER , ICU and readmit to the hospital since October 5, 2017. One of the blogs I follow caught my eye because of my anxiety about my husband’s Kidney failure and starting Dialysis about three weeks ago. I am taking time to read and write as I realize how life is unpredictable. I must learn to use my days  and enjoy every precious moment.wp-image-1177093019


The Pain Before The Prize

God has me a gift of waking up and doing shared prayers and praise this morning. I found myself thanking God for the progress of pain relief as I remember some of the pain of the past 40 days that my HoneySi endured. I am thankful for all the marvelous works that make me want to continue walking into God’s Way for HEALING. We are blessed beyond our imaginations or thoughts to wake up and see this new day of grace and mercies. This is truly the prize that has come after the pain. Psalm 80:3 gives me a word of praise today by explaining:

Your love, O LORD, reaches to the heavens, Your faithfulness to the skies.

When Medical Mystery Goes Door to Door

There is much mystery in the act of finding diagnosis and treatment of patients who stay long term in the hospital
I am writing this morning because we are 14 hours into the day and we have no answers. I will probably sound like I am fixated as a care sharer but I don’t understand why all the test results remain a mystery to the patient. The care of a patient is dependent on timely relevant information so we sit here encased with anxiety and praying the mystery will be solved and wellness restored within our family.We are ready to move.

Pray, Praise and Prioritize

I am getting some of my walk in for the ‘ 30 minutes to fitness and since the Prayer and praise is an integral part of my routine, I am including the Prayer Cross at Baptist -Memphis in my stroll. I put my request on purple paper on a special place. I normally do 100 words a blog but this is an unusual journal entry as I work through the situation knowing that God is working it out ad I write this words.